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LexisNexis® Accurint® for Collections: Decisioning Workflow delivers seamless access to FCRA-regulated data sets and key searches to help you determine ability to repay and prioritize accounts to increase collections success.

Prioritize collection strategies with streamlined access to FCRA-regulated data sets.

Make confident decisions that support well-informed collection strategies by leveraging critical decisioning insights. With intuitive searches and links to critical consumer details, this tool speeds and simplifies your collections workflow.


Collect with more confidence

The Decisioning workflow combines the power of robust LexisNexis® data with leading proprietary linking technology to help you quickly access detailed data sets to support well-informed collections decisions. These tools help ensure you are using the right data for permissible purposes. Utilize robust data to build focused collection strategies and quickly:

  • Determine ability to repay
  • Determine eligibility for repayment plan
  • Recommend payoff amounts

With the insight gained from the Decisioning workflow, you can focus resources on accounts where you can get the best results.

Speed research with rank-ordered results

The Decisioning workflow quickly delivers public and proprietary data from thousands of proven sources in a concise, rank-ordered output. Accelerate research with streamlined access to information on:

  • Court Records
  • Assets
  • Licenses

Get faster, simplified results with intuitive links to "Next Steps" and "We Also Found" prompts that clearly show you what types of other information are available. Optimize collections processes with deeper consumer insight and succinct information access.

Get it now: For more information about LexisNexis® Accurint® for Collections: Decisioning Workflow, call 1-800-953-2877.


User-friendly features make recovery more efficient

By delivering concise, easy-to-interpret summary reports, the Decisioning workflow adds a layer of efficiency to your collections process and keeps you focused on the data that matters. Pre-determined reports are available with data pertaining to specific collections needs, including: Comprehensive Report for Contact and Locate, Comprehensive Report for Decisioning, Pre-litigation Report and Asset Report. You can also easily build custom reports that display the data you need in a format that fits your specific workflow.

Advanced administrator features allow you to easily monitor and control user access for your entire organization and make changes on the fly. You can specify search access and usage limits, view activity reports and billing information, or perform usage audits right from your desktop.

Stronger decisions start with smarter searches

The Decisioning workflow simplifies FCRA searches to deliver critical decisioning insights that help you collect with confidence. Concentrate on the accounts where you can collect the most with the Accurint for Collections Decisioning workflow.

Get it now: For more information about LexisNexis® Accurint® for Collections: Decisioning Workflow, call 1-800-953-2877.

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LexisNexis® Accurint® for Collections: Decisioning Workflow

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The Decisioning workflow that can be accessed through the Accurint for Collections portal is a consumer reporting agency product provided by LexisNexis Risk Solutions Bureau LLC and may only be accessed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. 1681, et seq (the "FCRA").

Due to the nature of the origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors. Source data is sometimes reported or entered inaccurately, processed poorly or incorrectly, and is generally not free from defect. This product or service aggregates and reports data, as provided by the public records and commercially available data sources, and is not the source of the data, nor is it a comprehensive compilation of the data. Before relying on any data, it should be independently verified.

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