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Contact and Locate Consumers Faster To Drive Collections Success

Forward-thinking organizations are continually seeking ways to automate manual processes. Digital transformation saves time, allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks. But many collections companies have been slow to change.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers an array of digital collections tools that can greatly improve efficiency and increase collections success. These digital collections solutions enable you to more quickly locate and contact people while staying compliant with regulations.

Check out the three brief videos listed below to discover innovative digital collections approaches that simplify tasks you’ve been doing for years.
Digital Collections Tools
Digital Collections Tools
Digital Collections Tools
Embrace a digital approach to locating and contacting consumers
Does your collections agency rely on old-fashioned communication methods and manual processes to procure payment? It’s time to embrace digital solutions with a variety of omni-channel tools designed to locate people via email, mobile phone, text, social media and more. 

Recognize cell phones associated with accounts
Because the majority of U.S. households now rely entirely on cell phones, you must comply with the regulations under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) when contacting them. LexisNexis® Phone Ownership Identification can tell you who owns a phone number. 

Leverage email intelligence to contact consumers
91% of users keep their same personal email address for more than 3 years, and 51% for more than 10 years!1 That makes email a unique global identifier. With a consumer’s email address, you have the key to unlock digital insights and increase collections revenue. 

Discover how digital collections tools from LexisNexis® Collections Solutions can greatly enhance your collections success.

1DMA Insight: Consumer Email Tracking Study (2015) - UK respondents

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