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Avoid Calling Any Reassigned Numbers

Avoid compliance fines, penalties and potential consumer litigation.

Your collection agency's representatives rely on quality contact data to be effective in doing their job. Wrong numbers waste time and effort. They also put your agency at increased risk for compliance infractions. As regulations increase and become more strictly enforced, an abundance of caution makes sense when it comes to calling consumers.

LexisNexis® Phone Disconnect Verify is a non-FCRA product that can strengthen your calling strategies. It allows you to confirm if a phone number has been reported as disconnected after the consumer’s consent date. You can then cleanse your lists of these “risky numbers.”

Using Phone Disconnect Verify may qualify you for a "safe harbor" from TCPA liability for certain reassigned numbers you've called or texted. This helps you avoid compliance fines and penalties as well as potential consumer litigation.


Phone Disconnect Verify helps you identify reassigned numbers to increase efficiency and reduce your risk of compliance infractions. When you’re able to claim “safe harbor,” you avoid compliance fines, compliance penalties, and potential consumer litigation for calling reassigned numbers. 


You can use Phone Disconnect Verify as a stand-alone product or as part of an integrated solution with other collection assessment tools to further enhance your operations. You can also download data points to support compliance regulations.

Navigate to a safe harbor using LexisNexis Phone Disconnect Verify to avoid making unintended contact with consumers who haven’t consented to receiving calls.

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