Multi-Factor Authentication for Healthcare

Seamlessly authenticate members and providers to minimize security risk

Healthcare sees more privacy breaches than any other industry, to the cost of more than 22 million dollars average per breach. Many healthcare organizations feel confident in their data security, but multiple points of access have put them more at risk for data breaches than ever before.

As healthcare organizations continue to move towards digitization - making information available electronically to consumers and providers, a solid portal strategy is critical.

Healthcare portals can and should provide secure access to medical records and lab results, physician communications, scheduled appointments, prescription refills and more.

Medical staff, pharmacists and pharma reps are also finding efficiencies in using these tools. Despite the growing use of portal technology across healthcare, privacy and security are cited as a primary concern among patients when accessing (or choosing not to access) the information contained within.

Healthcare data and patient information is an attractive asset to hackers. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the hands of the wrong person not only leaves healthcare organizations exposed, but it puts patient lives at risk. To address these privacy and security concerns, LexisNexis® developed a suite of solutions to provide security at each point of access, including multi-factor authentication to balance ease of access with security. Our solutions ensure security with a seamless experience for patients.

Multi-factor authentication, the process of authenticating a user through at least two independent elements or "factors," employs a combination of any two of the following: 

Something you know: 
A user name, password, PIN or answers to questions

Something you have:
 A token, access card or key fob

Something you are:
 Your fingerprint, voice (i.e. biometric)

The LexisNexis Multi-factor Authentication for Healthcare suite of solutions assesses the risk of both physical and digital identity attributes. Our approach balances both security and ease of use by patients and medical professionals.LexisNexis delivers high predictive identity intelligence and fraud decisioning tools that allow you to:

By leveraging LexisNexis robust, intuitive cybersecurity and risk management solutions, you have the power to create a seamless, yet secure workflow for all healthcare users.

Another often overlooked security threat comes from external systems. Sometimes it's not just about protecting identities, but protecting systems and devices as well. Any system that can access PII can pose a threat...even more reason for a robust and layered security strategy.

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This suite of solutions includes:

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