LexisNexis InstantID Q&A for Healthcare

LexisNexis® Q&A verifies the identity of patients, medical staff and pharmacists.

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LexisNexis® InstantID® Q&A put safeguards in place to protect patient data without creating unnecessary inconvenience to individuals with the right to access the data.

This online XML solution leverages our robust identity data, proprietary LexID® linking technology and HPCC computing platform to determine the validity and veracity of individuals being enrolled into plans via the health care Exchange, by brokers, detecting potential identity health care fraud.

Patient Portal

Works with Epic MyChart® 


Now available with InstantID Q&A for Healthcare and Instant Verify

Protect Patient Data

Validate identities in real-time

Easy Accessibility for Patients

Involve patients in managing their health


  • Improve the user experience by making it easy for the right individuals to access their data
  • Standardize controls and improve security regardless of device used
  • Increase patient portal enrollment and use for better patient engagement
  • Streamline onboarding of new accounts and processing for repeat activities
  • Reduce administrative costs of manually authenticating users
  • Minimize the risk of loss from fraud by strengthening security measures
  • Decrease call volume for self-service activities such as prescription management and refill


  • Knowledge-based authentication
  • InstantID Q&A offers turnkey implementation for ease of use
  • Identity quiz customization
  • Easy-to-use web portal with turnkey authentication processing

Get it now: For more information about InstantID Q&A for Healthcare, please call 866.396.7703.

MyChart® is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.

Press Release

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Identity Verification and Authentication Now Available to Health Systems using Epic to Validate Users Accessing the MyChart® Patient Portal


Balancing Cybersecurity and Member Engagement

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