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Accelerate Time From Data to Decision

A holistic, AI-powered risk decision engine enabling you to amplify accuracy and scale efficiency.
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Industry leading data. Intelligent models. Tailored insights.

Make more precise and automated risk decisions, protect your customers and business from
fraud and streamline the customer experience. LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® unifies key
components of risk technology into one, holistic decision engine:

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Best-in-class digital identity
and behavioral intelligence

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Real-time insights from one of the
largest cross-industry data
networks in the world

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Shared insights from a community
of leading fraud experts

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Sophisticated data processing
and analytics

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Embedded AI-powered models
calibrated to your risk appetite

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A powerful platform for forensics investigations, case management,
reporting and workflow orchestration

Gain curated, actionable insights that help you make more informed risk decisions, reduce manual
work and boost performance throughout the entire customer journey.

You are leading the way in protecting your customers and growing your business.

In a global digital economy, how can you ensure your customers are safe when interacting with your business? All while staying ahead of complex fraud schemes, facilitating smooth experiences, driving profitability
and improving efficiencies? 

It’s not an easy undertaking. You need robust, actionable insights and a flexible, scalable risk decision engine to help you achieve your business goals while ensuring your customers are protected at every stage of the journey.

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Detect and prevent
more fraud

19% increase YOY in global attack rate in 20231
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Provide risk
appropriate experiences

76% of consumers say knowing an online company is using advanced identity verification would influence them to use the company’s services2
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Drive profitability

Every $1  of fraud loss costs organizations $3.91 on average3

Flexible, scalable and more accurate. Fueled by silent,
far-reaching intelligence.

Harness the power of collaboration by joining one of the world’s largest and most diverse digital intelligence networks – LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®. Benefit from shared real-time digital identity intelligence,
and fraud feedback that empower you to distinguish
between risky and trustworthy interactions.

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Spanning 200+ countries
and territories

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Across dozens of industries and the
world’s leading organizations

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A powerful engine built with simplicity, flexibility
and scalability in mind.

Our risk decision engine is packed with actionable intelligence and technology designed to help you incorporate your own processes and data into policies, adapt to support your growth goals and automate responses to online transactions.

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Continuously enriched data keeps you on the
cutting edge of fraud trends

Advanced machine learning algorithms are trained on billions of proprietary
data points and signals, continuously enriched by feedback data from
thousands of customers to more accurately predict risk and recognize
trusted users and transactions.

Machine learning icon

Models can be deployed quickly
and easily

A self-service, “no code” environment allows you to conveniently combine
algorithms and customized rulesets that can be deployed in less than a day.
Models grow smarter with every interaction, enabling you to
optimize policies for risk and experiences as insights grow and fraud evolves

Fueled by one of the largest cross-industry data networks in the world

Instantly zero in on threats by analyzing thousands of features related to risk against digital identity and
behavioral intelligence. All powered by an unrivalled contributory network – our Digital Identity Network® - sharing data from leading global organizations across the world.

Digital identity and behavioral intelligence you can act on

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Identify the unique digital footprint of an online persona against over 3bn+ digital identities. Key data points are evaluated against known digital identity and trend information to provide a comprehensive risk assessment.

Assess signals like device, geolocation, IP address, email address, phone, behavioral patterns, transaction details, user device interactions and more.

Evaluate against distance anomalies, age, history, velocity, previous risk associations, activity patterns, bot and RAT patterns and more.
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Profile with unmatched, anonymized intelligence from our Digital Identity Network® that follows a privacy-by-design approach, connecting you to global cross-industry insights for more accurate risk assessment.
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Analyze signals using our advanced AI-powered algorithms so you can instantly distinguish between trusted users and bad actors.

ThreatMetrix provides a range of models, from fully transparent ones to easily interpretable ones focused on what matters most, making every risk decision explainable and accountable.
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Using a simple, intuitive user interface, you can create policies on your own or use custom policies already developed for you.

You also have the option to bring your own machine learning models or build new ones by combining signals and past outcomes almost instantly. For more advanced use cases, set up a combination of all the above.
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The ThreatMetrix solution transforms digital behavior into actionable intelligence, expanding your ability to trust digital transactions through deep analysis of a user’s online behavior – ensuring a seamless experience for your trusted customers. 

Learn how ThreatMetrix incorporates industry-leading behavioral intelligence from LexisNexis® BehavioSec®.

Protect your customers from complex fraud risks

at every stage of the customer journey.

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New Account Opening

Protect against new account fraud and bot attacks while simultaneously approving genuine applications. Discover digital identity patterns within the network, like history and behavior, even for applicants new to your business.
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Logins and Account Management

Detect account takeover attempts, social engineering and unauthorized change of details while providing smooth logins and other actions for trusted customers. Predict fraudulent activity with the combination of historical patterns, behavioral signals and more.
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Protect payments and safeguard against account takeover, scams, money laundering, and other threats. Leverage digital identity and behavioral intelligence within the network to uncover anomalies, identifying high-risk behavior such as scams or mule account activity.

One holistic risk decision engine to realize your business goals.

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Easy to build

Models built through our portal with minimal data science knowledge required. Leverage smart practice models built with years of experience and optimize based on unique business needs.
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Expressly tailored

Trained on your truth data and our global

Continually adaptive

Adapts to your customers as their behavior changes, enabling a positive experience for trusted users. Keeps up with new fraud schemes as insights grow and evolve.
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Actionable scores

Explainable results using clear reasoning
and actionable scores.
Magnifying glass and lightbulb

Always smarter

Analytics driven from your organization’s data as well as the global network you’ll be a part of. Delivered on an orchestration platform that enables you to streamline case management, investigate fraudulent events and scale throughout the customer lifecycle.
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Expertly supported

With fraud experts working to supercharge your policies
and shape endless possibilities for your business
and consumers.

Recognized around the world for award-winning technology.

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Let’s revolutionize the way you fight fraud.

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