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Support Well-informed Identity and Trust Decisions Across the Customer Continuum

In the digital marketplace, seconds of delay can cost your business valuable revenue. You need to effectively increase conversion rates and navigate a cybercrime-threat climate that constantly grows more complex.

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® is a global enterprise solution for digital identity intelligence and digital authentication that is trusted by leading global brands to inform daily transaction decisions. By combining digital identity insights built from billions of transactions with leading analytic technology and embedded machine learning, our fraud prevention solutions unify decision analytics across the entire customer journey to help:

  • Accelerate conversions and maximize revenue
  • Improve transaction security and refine personalization
  • Minimize friction and reduce false positives
  • Reduce abandoned transactions with online payment fraud detection
  • Detect and prevent more fraud

Keep valuable transactions in efficient motion while maximizing the effectiveness of critical fraud defenses and cybersecurity risk management processes with this dynamic, end-to-end decisioning platform.

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  Establish True Digital Identity

Make Confident Trust and Identity Decisions 
Across the Entire Customer Journey

ThreatMetrix establishes a true digital identity by uniting digital and physical identity attributes. In milliseconds, our solution
can help your business confidently differentiate between a trusted customer and a cyber threat.

 By combining the integral components of LexID® Digital
and the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®, ThreatMetrix delivers
powerful risk perspective across the customer lifecycle:

ThreatMetrix New Account Origination

New Account

Threatmetrix Accounts Login

Account Logins

Threatmetrix Payment Fraud Management

Payment Fraud

Woman looking at smart phone and credit card

Comprehensive Fraud Prevention and Frictionless Customer Experience

LexID Digital and the Digital identity Network are symbiotic components of our antifraud solutions that provide a multilayered analysis of the identity and the transaction that is completely invisible to the end user. Together, these interdependent elements help balance a frictionless customer experience with comprehensive fraud prevention and cybersecurity risk management solutions.

LexID Digital is a dynamically matched, tokenized customer identifier that supports risk-based digital authentication by unifying online and offline identity attributes in near-real-time to deliver a complete view of customer identity risk.  LexID Digital helps enable your business to confidently and consistently identify a person and reliably recognize the same returning user across multiple devices, email addresses, physical addresses and account names. 

The Digital Identity Network uses industry-leading analytic technology and machine learning to aggregate tokenized intelligence related to high-risk behavior, including logins, payments and new account creations from globally contributed transactions from a diverse cross-section of industries. With perspective across multiple industries including, e-commerce retail, financial services, telecom and gaming.

Prevent More Fraud While Prioritizing Seamless
and Personalized Experiences

ThreatMetrix payment fraud detection helps your business deliver personalized, more secure transactions for trusted customers while accurately detecting
and preventing fraud and cybercrime threats across multiple channels. This proven fraud protection solution keeps your business at the global forefront
in the fight against cybercrime. Targeted features help you confidently concentrate on valuable customers while effectively combating more fraud.
Threatmetrix context-based informationThreatmetrix context-based information

Context-Based Information

Detects bot attacks and analyzes user behavior during periods of normal operation and compare such data to that gathered during an attack. Enable your business to differentiate between humans and bots the moment they login/transact.
Threatmetrix malware protectionThreatmetrix malware protection

Malware Protection

Helps businesses mitigate risk, protect themselves from Man-In-The-Browser (MITB), Remote Access Trojan (RAT), high velocity/frequency bot attacks to low-and-slow attacks mimicking legitimate customer behavior, ransomware, key logging attempts and more.
Threatmetrix trust tagsThreatmetrix trust tags

Trust Tags

Help enable businesses to define, categorize, tag and differentiate between good and bad users, devices, locations or personas.
Threatmetrix TrueIPThreatmetrix TrueIP


Helps detect the use of location and identity cloaking services, such as hidden proxies and VPNs, allowing your business to see the true IP address, geolocation and other attributes.
Threatmetrix deep connections analysisThreatmetrix deep connections analysis

Deep Connection Analysis

Detects the use of technologies, such as hidden proxies and VPNs and helps your business detect payment fraud and see the true IP address, geolocation and other attributes of each event, backed by global identity data over time.
Threatmetrix integration hubThreatmetrix integration hub

Integration Hub

Provides a platform to incorporate third-party data sources and custom services to integrate additional authentication and identity verification.

Threatmetrix SmartIDThreatmetrix SmartID

ThreatMetrix SmartID®

Identifies returning users that wipe cookies, use private browsing and change other parameters to bypass traditional device fingerprinting tools.
Threatmetrix consortiumThreatmetrix consortium


Allows organizations to selectively share real-time data intelligence to collectively fight complex fraud.

  End-to-End-Identity Intelligence

Seamlessly Distinguish Between Trusted Transactions and Fraudulent Behavior

Refine your visibility into transaction risk by layering LexisNexis® Behaviosec® our behavioral biometrics solution, with your ThreatMetrix solution. Behavioral Biometrics delivers informed insights into the patterns and preferences behind trusted relationships to help enable your system to quickly recognize digital behavioral anomalies that signal fraud. Seamlessly support a multi-factor fraud defense without adding friction by leveraging targeted visibility into risk signals that indicate unusual interactions associated with bots and aggregators.

Capitalize on Digital Revenue Opportunities With a Fully Optimized Fraud Defense

ThreatMetrix fraud protection solutions help your business effectively consolidate digital, physical and behavioral attributes at every point in the customer journey.
We can help you confidently and consistently recognize trusted customers and refine fraud threat definitions to reflect the latest global cybercrime threats. Our end-to-end identity intelligence helps you make well-informed identity and trust decisions across the customer continuum.

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Every year fraud results in considerable financial losses and causes significant reputational risk.

As fraud increases in frequency and sophistication, the costs of preventing, detecting and responding to fraud go up.

Until now, organizations have acted individually, developing their own fraud prevention techniques and footing the ever-increasing bill that it brings. But what if those organizations, recognizing their common concerns and objectives, joined forces to:

fight fraud icon

Better understand and collectively fight complex fraud
targeted assessments icon

Perform more targeted near real-time risk assessments
alert icon

Detect and mitigate fraud together, reducing not only the amount of fraud, but also the costs for prevention that each one bears
work together icon

Work toward achieving those goals together versus individually

  Protect Against Organized Cybercrime

Threatmetrix Consortium cyber crime data sharing

Common Risks, Common Goals

Consortium was developed for customers with common goals, challenges or fraud risks. It allows participants to exchange information. 

Consortium enables businesses to selectively share their negative and positive data attributes in real time, using shared lists. This collective intelligence can be operationalized via ThreatMetrix Rules. It operates on a give-to-get model, with each member required to contribute on a regular basis. 

The data is exchanged across an agreed set of Consortium members and contributors. Together, they create an industry-focused or peer-based, layer of data insights that complement an organization’s local intelligence as well as build upon the global shared intelligence harnessed through the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®.

Ultimately, that intelligence is used to make more accurate risk assessments and to more effectively protect against organized cybercrime targeting their sector.

  Here's How It Works

Threatmetrix consortium step one

Step One

ThreatMetrix customers are given the opportunity to opt-in to Consortium. The Consortium creates a template list of fraud typologies. 

Threatmetrix consortium step three

Step Three

Using the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®, customers selectively share data across the Consortium peer network. They’re expected to feed their data into the Consortium on an ongoing basis. 

Threatmetrix consortium step two

Step Two

Those typologies allow fraud to be placed into categories or lists, such as ACTO, malicious software taking control of a customer’s internet banking session and extorting funds, and Mule Watchlist, activity associated with accounts suspected of being linked to mule networks but not yet confirmed. 
Threatmetrix consortium step four

Step Four

And, in return, those customers are allowed to take Consortium shared data and use it to make risk assessments. The information can be operationalized by configuring rules on the data shared at the Consortium level within ThreatMetrix policies.

  By Sharing data, Patterns of Fraud Become Apparent 

See the Big Picture

When it comes to fraud, it can sometimes be difficult to see the big picture, because you may be focused on the type of fraud only occurring in your organization.

Consortium gives businesses a much broader, more holistic picture of the fraud landscape.

With sharing near real-time intelligence across consortia groups, businesses can see patterns of fraud that otherwise would remain hidden and they gain new insights. They can also get confirmation on concerns, such as suspected fraudulent devices, and see which organization has blacklisted a device and why, which helps to prevent further fraud.

Shared data allows Consortium businesses to understand the complex fraud rings that target their industry. Their ability to see greater context within the data ultimately supports smarter fraud decisions and real-time risk assessments. 

Threatmetrix Consortium fraud pattern identification

Consortium Members Realize Multiple Benefits

Large, complex organizations can create an enterprise-level Consortium where they can share their own data across organizational silos. This helps gain better
insights and avoid duplication of effort, while still achieving the same goals.

Whether within a single, large organization or across multiple businesses in the same industry, Consortium participants benefit from:

Dollar sign with arrows

 Mitigated fraud losses

hand with 1s and 0s

Shared data, analysis and insights to inform fraud-related decisions

magnifying glass on bug

Faster identification of fraud trends and developments

three people

A collective
knowledge-base that
delivers broader perspective

  Case Study: Consortium in UK Banks

One of the first Consortiums formed for LexisNexis Risk Solutions is among UK banks. Almost immediately, members began seeing benefits from sharing information across different use cases. As word got out about its successes, other UK banks asked to join the Consortium and become active participants in the shared data repository.

Among the Consortium’s activities are:

  • Sharing lists of known fraudulent devices
  • Proactive identification of mule accounts and associated fraud strategies
  • Near real-time sharing of bad attribute data
  • More accurate tracking of high-risk devices: banks can access additional context behind risk decisions such as when an entity was blacklisted and by which other bank(s)
Working together, the UK Bank Consortium is seeing numerous successes. Shared information has enabled the banks to:

  • Ban recognized fraudulent devices
  • Confirm whether suspected devices are fraudulent
  • Identify and close mule accounts long before they would have been detected without Consortium data
  • Stop account takeovers, limiting the damage
  • Recover and repay fraudulent funds

city with data

Outsmarting Fraud

Consortiums offer the opportunity to share intelligence, broaden perspectives and achieve common goals more quickly and cost-effectively. As criminals become
better organized and create more sophisticated schemes to maximize their success, it only makes sense that individual businesses in an industry join together
to form a united front in detecting and defending against fraud.  Sharing data with consortium capability across geographies,
industries and use cases, are an important part of the solution in outsmarting fraud.

 Use Digital and Behavioral Insights to Stop Fraud Before it Starts

world with arching lines

LexID® Digital 

woman pointing at images

LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®


LexisNexis® Behavioral Biometrics

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Capture Continuous Value With

Up-To-Date Threat Intelligence

Fraud is dynamic and the threat climate is constantly escalating, therefore efficient payment fraud detection is imperative. The threat and identity questions you aren’t answering today may already be damaging critical revenue streams and exposing your business to increased fraud losses. LexisNexis® Professional Services helps ensure your business is operating with the most up-to-date fraud defense strategy and fully optimized tools.

Our Professional Services team evaluates and monitors the efficacy and effectiveness of your fraud policy rules and customer data management protocols to help improve the immediate currency of your ThreatMetrix® toolset while also strengthening its sustainability. We blend broadly acquired human expertise with the most recent advances in machine learning. This helps to ensure your ThreatMetrix solution is completely optimized to amplify visibility across global markets and distill perspective into relevant risks in near real-time.

  Proactively Anticipate Challenges

Increase the Returns of Your ThreatMetrix Solution Right From the Start

With knowledge gained from global ThreatMetrix deployments across diverse industries including, e-commerce retail, financial services, telecom and gaming, our Professional Services team offers the expertise to proactively anticipate challenges and tailor a design and implementation strategy that addresses your business-specific objectives at every point:

Threatmetrix professional implementation services


Threatmetrix professional optimization services


Threatmetrix professional testing services


Threatmetrix go-live and post-live support

Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support

By proactively considering the business, operations and data requirements from a multi-dimensional perspective, we set a target for a seamless deployment of fraud protection solutions. We work collaboratively to understand exact business goals, assess your existing infrastructure and help determine the best routes for your ThreatMetrix solution to deliver optimal results and contribute immediate value to your fraud and identity management strategy.

  Tailored and Holistic Anti-Fraud Solutions

Scalable and Adaptable

We also offer expansive ongoing rules analytics, data assessments and optimization services to help extend the value of your ThreatMetrix anti-fraud solution tools and help ensure they scale with your business as the fraud climate changes and evolves. These offerings help to enable your business to proactively anticipate fraud and adjust your rules parameters before your bottom line is negatively impacted. Our services are available individually and they can also be delivered in combination to provide the most holistic fraud perspective:

  • Bot Assessment
  • Fraud Analysis and Remediation
  • Truth Data Driven Policy Rules Optimization
  • Smart Learning as a Service
  • Incremental Rule Mining
  • One-Time Password/Multi-factor Authentication Reduction
  • Fraud Ring Detection and Analysis
  • Fraud Analysis Review
  • Performance Assessments
  • Strategy Review
  • Customized Reporting

Man with computer information displayed

Our Professional Services team delivers tailored offerings
that help your business effectively navigate the ongoing challenges
 of today’s volatile fraud environment.

We can fully optimize your ThreatMetrix solution so it easily scales with shifing threats and changing business requirements. Capture immediate value
from ThreatMetrix and protect the long-term viability of your fraud prevention strategy with our industry-tested Professional Services.

LexisNexis, LexID, and the Knowledge Burst logo are registered trademarks of RELX. ThreatMetrix and Digital Identity Network are registered trademarks of ThreatMetrix, Inc.

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