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LexisNexis® BehavioSec®
Transform Human Interactions Into Actionable Intelligence

Leverage best-in-class behavioral biometrics technology to provide a seamless experience to genuine users, actively identify threats and confidently protect your customers.
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BehavioSec®, an industry pioneer and technology leader, is now LexisNexis® Risk Solutions.

Speak with our team of experts to discover how Behavioral Biometrics can 
support your organization to solve even the most complex identity trust
and fraud challenges.

The Smart Tech That Gets Smarter With Every Movement, Building Identity Trust and Lowering Risk

Our solution analyzes each session for environmental risk factors, using a rich set of intelligence signals that yields a near real-time authenticity score.

Working passively behind a digital interaction, our solution helps you ensure that your genuine customers are able to interact without friction and enjoy powerful online experiences, while simultaneously placing you in a strong position to respond as needed to real risks and behavioral anomalies.

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What is Behavioral Biometrics?

Learn more about how BehavioSec streamlines the customer experience
while combating fraud

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BehavioSec Overview

Improve Customers' Experience
Throughout Their Digital Journeys

Complementing industry-leading identity and device intelligence, gathering data from billions of transactions globally, with best-of-breed behavioral biometrics will enable you to leverage actionable insights
at every stage of the customer journey.

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New Account Creation and Onboarding

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Account Login

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Account Management

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Transaction Fraud and Social Engineering

How Can BehavioSec Support Your Business Challenges?

BehavioSec streamlines the customer experience while combating fraud.

Why LexisNexis BehavioSec?

Trusted by leading institutions around the world to enhance fraud prevention and authentication
without impacting customer experience or revenue streams. 

Behaviosec ConsumerBehaviosec Consumer

Recognize Genuine Customers

Our technology allows you to recognize trusted customers to facilitate their transactions, improving profit and customer loyalty.
Behaviosec EfficiencyBehaviosec Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Manage fraud losses, moderate budget and resources and drive efficiencies to your risk management strategy by reducing false positives and lowering the need for manual interventions.
Behaviosec CoachingBehaviosec Coaching

Intercept Coaching and Scams

Detect indicators of social engineering scams, even when the authentic user performs the transaction.
Behaviosec Non HumanBehaviosec Non Human

Detect Non-Human Behaviors

Insights from BehavioSec help detect bots and Remote Access Trojans, aggregators that are likely to be non-human in origin.
Behaviosec FrictionBehaviosec Friction

Reduce Friction to Genuine Customers

Fortify trust with your customers, taking an adaptive approach to risk and unlocking seamless experiences by removing unnecessary barriers in low-risk transactions.
Behaviosec ComplexityBehaviosec Complexity

Reduce Complexity

Choose a simple implementation and management through a single API combined with LexisNexis ThreatMetrix, gaining efficiencies and optimizing solution sourcing.

LexisNexis® BehavioSec® is now available alongside LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix®. 

Delivering the ultimate combination of behavioral biometrics and digital identity intelligence
to fortify trust in customers and the transactions they perform.

Contact us to learn more.

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