LexisNexis® TrueID® Mobile for Healthcare

Allow mobile users to capture and authenticate their identity documents with their mobile device.

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As healthcare organizations and care providers work to bring more services, access and information to the mobile channel, there is a rising need for a comprehensive authentication solution.

trueid mobile for healthcareAs ever, there is a delicate balance between promoting efficiency for the consumer and safeguarding their data and yours against identity fraud. LexisNexis® TrueID® Mobile helps increase the effectiveness of your mobile authentication and security, while improving the patient experience.

Authenticate ID documents on any smartphone or tablet and get results you can trust in a fraction of the time needed for most manual authentication solutions. Manual authentication can take up to 5 minutes per ID, but TrueID Mobile authenticates IDs within a few seconds, which means you will not need to increase the size of your workforce as volume increases.


TrueID Mobile provides data accuracy, protection against fraud and compliance risks, coverage of thousands ID types, and compatibility with identity verification products for an extra level of information security. Deliver better access, faster transactions and an optimized experience no matter the channel.


  • Extract new patient enrollment data directly from ID documents for improved data quality.
  • Defend against fraud, compliance and safety risks.
  • Integrate with identity verification products to address the most common identity risks.
  • Ensure better access, faster transactions and a more frictionless patient experience, no matter the channel.


  • Performs up to 50 different text- and image-based tests.
  • Checks against a database of nearly 4,000 ID types from approximately 200 countries.
  • Reads any bar code, MRZ (machine readable zone) and non-encoded ID.
  • Works with iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Features an SDK to enable seamless integration into your existing app

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trueid mobile for healthcare
TrueID® Mobile for Healthcare

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