Ensure rapid and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in your community.

Determine where to focus vaccine outreach and distribution efforts.

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Insights for equitable and efficient vaccine distribution

Who to vaccinate—not once, but twice—and how to reach them is a moving target that can change frequently.

Citizens want to connect with Federal, state and local government agencies through an increasing number of channels. They expect a consistent, frictionless experience each time. However, agencies need to balance that expectation with their own need to deter and prevent fraud. 

At LexisNexis® Risk Solutions we build solutions that help our communities interact with government services more efficiently and make the world a safer place. That’s why we added LexisNexis® Emailage® to our solution suite of offerings. It’s a proven risk assessment tool with email intelligence at the core.

[Solution] Government Data Quality Management[Fact Sheet] Improve Health Outcomes and Meet Agency Quality Standards with Socioeconomic Data and Analytics[Product] LexID® and Scalable Automated Linking Technology (SALT) for Government

COVID-19 vaccines in your community

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Improve Health Outcomes and Meet Agency Quality Standards with Socioecnomic Data and Analytics

Did you know medical determinants are only accountable for 20% of healthcare outcomes, whereas social determinants of health account for as much as 50. 

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