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Vital Statistics Integrated Information System

Gather data, process transactions and print documents related to vital records – all from a single, central system

LexisNexis® VitalIQ™

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VitalIQ – The Smart Way to Manage Vital Records

Maintaining and processing vital records of life events, such as births, deaths and marriages is a time-consuming endeavor. Your citizens expect you to safeguard their information, ensure its accuracy, and provide it efficiently when needed. 

LexisNexis®  VitalIQ™ can greatly simplify the management of your vital records, keeping your database clean and continuously updated. A comprehensive, fully integrated solution, it automates the issuance of records, freeing your agency staff to focus on other mission-critical tasks.

Expedite vital record orders

With VitalIQ, citizens can request records via self-serve online, a kiosk, or by visiting a government office. The interface is user-friendly and highly intuitive, enabling citizens to place their order and make payment with ease. No interaction with agency staff is necessary for transactions.

                                    Once a vital record has been processed and registered, you can simultaneously issue certified copies of the record and process credit card payments for  those                                        copies. At the close of business, you’re able to quickly balance cashier receipts. VitalIQ optimizes routine vital records activities to greatly simplify and expedite                                      your business processes.

Customize VitaIІQ to your requirements

VitalIQ can be configured to your existing workflows. It provides the core necessities for records management including business rules, order processing, and table maintenance, all of which can be tailored to your current processes. 

                                    You can further customize VitalIQ by adding any of our specialized modules to access specific datasets such as:

  •  Death
  • Newborn Portal (pre-birth)
  • Birth 
  • Fetal Death
  • FHIR
  • ITOP
  • Marriage 
  • Divorce

Turnkey implementation and ongoing support

Switching to VitalIQ is easy. We offer full service for fast, seamless implementation. Everything is done for you. You’ll experience no downtime. Your staff will get training and have 24/7 access to an attentive support team dedicated to your success. 

Your valuable data is secure

VitalIQ offers industry-best security measures for protecting vital records. It uses biometric and identity authentication. Sensitive data is encrypted and an array of fraud prevention measures helps keep cybercriminals from gaining access.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) 

VitalIQ offers seamless real-time reporting of deaths to NCHS using FHIR standards. Additionally, VitalIQ utilizes FHIR standards to integrate into Coroner Management Systems and other third-party applications such as Cancer Registries.

Many states already rely on  VitalIQ for their vital records management. For more information or to see a product demo, please email Marcus McBride

The full suite of VitalChek® solutions is designed to support you in navigating the future of vital records.

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