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LexisNexis® Claims Datafill


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Lower loss adjustment expenses, reduce cycle times and improve customer satisfaction by obtaining accurate and complete information at First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

In claims management, there are three things an insurer needs to do right from the start: gather information, analyze that information and act on that information. Each step in the information gathering process adds time to the claim. With a traditional claims management approach, an adjuster might have some of this information at hand but will have to put significant effort into gathering missing information.

Because the clock starts ticking at FNOL, this is a critical point at which to move claims management forward. However, each step required to gather information adds time to the claim. And time is money.

LexisNexis® Claims Datafill gathers and delivers claims-related information directly into a carrier’s claims management system in near real-time. The solution verifies existing data and provides missing information both at FNOL and as additional information enters the system. 

Claims Datafill draws complex information from a variety of sources, including departments of motor vehicles, public records and proprietary databases and integrates that information directly into a carrier’s claims management system—automatically. And it does so in seconds. The faster a claim is resolved, the more significant impact on customer satisfaction.

Insurers using LexisNexis® Claims Datafill are seeing a 14 percent improvement in days-to-pay for bodily injury claims, a 10 percent reduction in severity as compared to the industry, and a 15 percent improvement in their shopping rate ratio as compared to the industry.*

*Based on customer data

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‘The Impact of More Data’ infographic reveals how incorporating more data at First Notice of Loss reduces cycle times and claims costs.
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Learn how Claims Datafill can help insurers improve their competitive edge by delivering a smoother customer service experience.

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Automate the identification of potential recovery opportunities and improve the speed and effectiveness of fraud recognition processes.
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See how Claims Datafill can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your claims process.
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