LexisNexis® Claims Datafill

Keep claims moving quickly and with confidence.

Automate the insurance claims process with data on parties, vehicles and coverages to keep claims moving.

After an accident, there are three things an insurer needs to do: gather information, analyze that information and act. Each step in the data gathering process adds time to the claim. And time is money.

With traditional claims processing, adjusters might have some data but need to put significant effort into gathering missing information by conducting manual searches. Further, the adjuster may not be aware that the information in the claim file is not the most current information available.

LexisNexis® Claims Datafill helps enable claims automation for insurance carriers by delivering data on parties, vehicles and coverages into a carrier’s claims workflow in near real-time. It verifies existing data and can help provide missing information adjusters need to keep the claim moving at FNOL and throughout the life cycle of the claim.

Claims Datafill draws information from a variety of sources, including departments of motor vehicles, public records and our proprietary databases, to which 96 percent of personal lines auto carriers contribute.

Data on parties, vehicles and coverages in near real-time.

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Additional Information

With Claims Datafill, LexisNexis Risk Solutions helps carriers by:

  • Improving contact times to reduce severity and accelerate claims closings
  • Enhancing triaging and model performance with more complete and accurate data
  • Proactively monitoring police record and violations data for additional claims insights
  • Saving time by integrating data and reducing manual searches
  • Creating better customer claims experiences
  • Automating the claims process with insights

Six of the top 10 insurance carriers use Claims Datafill, and below is a sample of benefits the solution has delivered.

A carrier utilized Claims Datafill at FNOL to help it determine the adverse carrier, and ultimately transfer “not at fault” accidents. This resulted in the insurer diverting approximately $100 million in claims costs.
A senior leader at a top-10 carrier shared that after implementing LexisNexis® Claims Datafill, it experienced a double-digit increase in claims contact results.
A VP of Claims indicated that his organization saw a reduction in its average number of days for rental after Claims Datafill enabled his team to contact third parties sooner and get vehicles into repair shops more quickly.

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Insights and Resources


‘The Impact of More Data’ infographic reveals how incorporating more data at First Notice of Loss reduces cycle times and claims costs.
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White Paper

Learn how Claims Datafill can help insurers improve their competitive edge by delivering a smoother customer service experience.

All data in the text or on the sample reports and screens shown herein represent fictitious persons and entities.  Any similarity to any real person, and their date of birth, driver’s license number, social security number, address, school, business other entity or other personal data is purely coincidental.