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LexisNexis® Commercial Data Prefill

Help reduce human error, improve customer experience and increase overall profitability.

Automate your commercial underwriting with a comprehensive commercial data prefill solution.

Today’s commercial underwriting process is lengthy. As a commercial carrier, you may find yourself spending an average of three to four days completing a single quote.* What’s more, many commercial carriers are still using paper applications, mobile scanning devices or basic business information to underwrite policies. 

You need a comprehensive prefill solution that delivers accurate data, reduces manual inputs and minimizes rate leakage to gain a holistic understanding of the risk without sacrificing the time to bind.

LexisNexis® Commercial Data Prefill is the answer. It delivers information on firmographics, vehicles, drivers and properties to help automate the commercial application process from point of quote through underwriting. It leverages more accurate data drawn from multiple sources that are linked with our proprietary linking technology and LexID®, our unique identifier.

*LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Market Research Study, 2023.

  • Improve profitability
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce premium leakage
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Commercial Data Prefill can help you:

   Evaluate a more complete view of the risk

   Make quoting and underwriting more efficient

   Avoid errors that cause premium leakage

   Increase the volume of policies underwritten

   Improve profitability

Expand each section to learn more about the data you could access.

All data in the text or on the sample reports and screens shown herein represent fictitious persons and entities.  Any similarity to any real person, and their date of birth, driver’s license number, social security number, address, school, business other entity or other personal data is purely coincidental.

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