AttractTM for Commercial

More accurate and consistent loss prediction through predictive modeling for commercial insurance

Rank order a business, business owner or
commercial driver by their loss propensity at time of quote, underwriting or renewal.


Address Your Needs
Access insurance scores developed for specific underwriting sectors—including business insurance, business owners insurance, commercial automobile and workers compensation.

Become More Profitable
Decrease your loss ratios, improve your expense ratio and maximize your risk insight at time of quote/rating.


Make Better Business Decisions
Benefit from predictive modeling for commercial insurance based on scores that are relatively ranked for loss propensity.

Leverage Robust Data
Access proprietary insurance scores built and validated on policy and loss data representing over $8 billion in commercial premiums.

Be Flexible
Leverage predictive analytics for commercial insurance rating and/or underwriting with scores that can be used off the shelf or incorporated into a propriety model.

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