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No doubt these have been trying times for tax and revenue agencies. For the IRS, nearly two years of distributing COVID-19 assistance and expanded child tax credits — while coping with pandemic-related staffing shortages — has resulted in an unprecedented backlog with no end in sight. In fact, the IRS entered 2022 still working through the 2021 bottleneck of 35 million returns. Meanwhile, state and local tax & revenue agencies are similarly under-resourced and overstretched. We’re helping agencies facilitate self-service actions and information to better focus on the tasks that require deeper attention. And doing it in a way that safeguards personal and sensitive information.
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It takes massive data and analytics resources to be assured you’re talking to the right individual. Resources that may be (or are perceived to be) beyond the scope of government agency budgets. Even Tax & Revenue agencies — which typically have more data at their fingertips than other agencies — struggle with missing details and difficulties validating self-reported data. But we’re changing these public sector challenges in a big way.

Working with LexisNexis Risk Solutions gives you the solid data foundation you need to confidently enable self-service, facilitate efficient contact and outreach, and reduce wasted spend and resources. Expand your view with numerous referential data sets that help you see more of, and deeper into, the U.S. adult population — including small businesses. We’ve proven to resolve >98% of identities in government programs; and we provide significantly better coverage of the underbanked than other data providers.

Take advantage of an unmatched set of assets that bring sophisticated “e-commerce style” capabilities to the government arena: 
  • We leverage 84 billion records from over 10,000+ sources, including public data, internal government databases, credit data and other alternative sources. The vast amount of data we uncover helps fill in missing details on individuals and businesses, and increases your confidence in validating self-reported information.
  • We also help you quickly standardize and link large data sets into a single, connected view. Our powerful linking technology uses a statistically based approach that accounts for fuzzy matching, and pairs with our proprietary LexID® identifier to resolve data to a single identity with 99.99% precision (98% for government sector programs). Our databases have produced:
    –280M Individual LexIDs
    –40M Business LexIDs — surfacing 60% more small and mid-size businesses than other data providers
  • Of course, the data is only as good as its most recent update. Our data is constantly monitored and refreshed, then continues through a dynamic linking process. This ensures identity profiles are updated as the system ingests and links new data sets.

A mission of government services is to provide equitable access to all. Technology can be a great enabler or a persistent obstacle depending on how it’s implemented. If an individual lacks detectable credit history, it may be difficult to verify their identity without a burdensome process. If a shop owner can’t break away during business hours to visit the tax department, they need reliable, speedy and secure digital service.

Our expertise in digital identity proofing and fraud detection led the U.S. General Services Administration to select LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to assist with implementing single sign on for As identity experts, we make it possible to validate identities in milliseconds — bringing together a rich combination of digital and physical identity data, paired with device data, to give you a clear picture about who you’re communicating with, across devices and channels.

Take advantage of our unmatched capabilities and technology:

  • A massive ecosystem of physical identity data on both people and businesses.
    –84 billion public and proprietary records from over 10,000+ sources
    –724 million unique identities including individuals without a credit history
    –220 million unique active and inactive businesses
  • A robust digital identity network, consisting of more than 1.7 billion digital identities. We’re able to link a person to activity across digital touchpoints using details like device ownership, email address(es), device history, location data, linkage to cell phone number, behavioral biometrics, search queries and more—all pulled together using our LexID linking technology. This helps you quickly recognize that the “Jon Smith” who logged onto your website is the same individual contacting your call center. It also helps you see behind hidden proxies and VPNs to pinpoint true location and spot suspicious cloaking behavior that might signal higher risk.
  • Transactional data sourced from some of the world’s most recognizable companies from ecommerce, finance and fintech. We collect and analyze over 36 billion cross-industry transactions from 6,000+ contributing organizations to help you understand identities and their behavior outside your own direct purview.

There’s no question that the stakes are high for Tax & Revenue agencies looking to offer digitally-based services. How do you balance the desire for efficient taxpayer and staff experiences (that help bring in the revenue more quickly) with the need to protect high value, sensitive data (and prevent money getting into the wrong hands)?

The answer: A multi-layered identity workflow that leverages

  • digital identity intelligence and
  • responsive step-up authentication that takes into account both the identity and transaction risk.

This multidimensional approach gives appropriate scrutiny to higher-risk identities while allowing trusted users to proceed with seamless experiences.

Here’s how it works:

  • Behind-the-scenes authentication looks at device ownership, device history, location data, linkages to cell phone number, behavior biometrics and more. Based on your risk rules, the system issues a time-sensitive, unique passcode for multi-factor authentication.
  • As fraudsters get more sophisticated, our emerging technologies help keep your program safe from their schemes. Identify and stop more fraud in real time, at scale, using automated risk scoring and fraud detection tools driven by behavioral biometrics and machine learning — tools that also reduce false positives and improve the user experience. 

Synthetic identities are notoriously difficult to detect, but we can sharpen your view of key indicators. For example, see details like time-on-file, number of sources reporting, relationships to other individuals, details that map to deceased individuals and more — red flags that signal potential instances of identity fraud that should be isolated for further inspection.


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