Identify risks and threats to strengthen defenses and act strategically

Transform data into actionable insights to support law enforcement, defense and homeland security missions.

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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps government agencies create reliable, timely and actionable intelligence to defend against threats and maintain homeland security.

With the right information, agencies can mitigate risks and make data-driven decisions that optimize resources. The comprehensive suite of solutions and services provides superior data, technology and analytics to transform intelligence analysis and support mission success.

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LexisNexis Delivers


We help government agencies use data-driven intelligence to identify, assess and neutralize threats.

Intelligence Analysis

We can provide analytical and investigative support on mission intelligence remotely or via a team of analysts deployed onsite.

Target Analysis and Defense

We assist with identification, information and analysis of targets for use in making strategic decisions.

Patented Linking Technology

Using LexID® and HPCC, we turn disparate information into meaningful intelligence by identifying, linking and organizing information with great accuracy.

Identity Management

By connecting scattered data, we’re able to resolve and continuously evaluate identities, as well as uncover non-obvious and/or hidden relationships.

Investigative Solutions

For law enforcement and homeland security, our capabilities include social media information and monitoring, crime mapping, data analytics and more.

Achieve These Results

Prioritize Threats

With actionable intelligence, you can plan strategically, react quickly and deploy resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Quickly verify and authenticate individuals for investigation or access and security clearance using data from over 10,000 sources.

Detect and Deter Risks

Recognize threats, evaluate their potential impact and develop strategies to eliminate or mitigate those risks.

Stay Focused on Missions

Dedicate more resources to defense and security priorities, using LexisNexis solutions to automate labor-intensive tasks and unlock productivity gains.

Customize Solutions

Leverage public records and proprietary data, analytics and technical expertise in a solution tailored to the needs of your agency.

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