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Law enforcement needs the ability to quickly view actionable intelligence on local, regional and national events. 

The ability to connect and analyze data from disparate law enforcement systems in a user-friendly system is critical for forward-thinking policing. 

Using strong technology, robust crime analytics and national mapping tools, law enforcement is better equipped to make informed policing and resource deployment decisions when dealing with regional series, patterns and trends.

Identify and analyze crime activity and patterns with analytical software and national mapping tools.


Accurint® Crime Analysis is a secure online dashboard that enables crime data sharing, pattern analysis, crime mapping, crime analytics and reporting for law enforcement. Users can view, analyze and download crime and call data from agencies in their region or even agencies across the nation. Crime data is automatically extracted and cleaned from disparate data sources to improve data quality standards and promote multiagency collaboration. It also provides law enforcement with dashboard analytics, mapping and reports to help analysts, investigators and decision makers striving for data-driven to support your initiatives. 

The benefits of Accurint Crime Analysis for analysts and investigators:

  • 140 fields of data with narratives accessible anywhere
  • View crime and calls for service trends across borders
  • Create, schedule and disseminate reports to other users
  • Conduct geographic crime analysis to narrow suspect list

The benefits of Accurint Crime Analysis for command staff:

  • Compare and animate crime and calls for service hotspots over time
  • Create and automate COMPSTAT and ad-hoc reports
  • View over 100 graphs and charts using dashboard analytics


Accurint® Crime Analysis combines data from disparate data sources into a seamless, standardized data set that makes it easy to view, analyze and share data between departments. It is updated through an automated data feed that works with any CAD or RMS. The extracted data is saved locally within the agency, then the data is pushed into the Accurint Crime Analysis system. The solution is never directly connected to a law enforcement data system.

Accurint Crime Analysis creates meaningful graphs to help law enforcement visualize crime patterns and trends across jurisdictional lines. With over 200 analytical features, this invaluable tool gives users the ability to analyze nearly every aspect of an agency’s data. Crime hotspot maps and custom analytical models can be created with one-click against any data on the map, even data spanning multiple jurisdictions.

The advanced analytical capabilities show how crime or calls for service have changed over time and across an area. It allows agencies to discover temporal trends within any set of data. Accurint Crime Analysis can also be used by police to determine potential hot areas to deploy resources to where crime will happen. These components place resources in the right place at the right time.

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