Mike Shaw

Financial Services, Corporations and Non-Profits | Compliance
Mike Shaw

Vice President, Global Market Development

Mike Shaw is vice president of global market development at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. He leads the LexisNexis Risk Solutions international sales and accounts teams, with a focus on strategic financial services and corporate markets. Mr. Shaw helps organizations navigate the complex world of risk and compliance, through LexisNexis Risk Solutions robust data, high-performing technology, linking capabilities and advanced analytics. 

Mr. Shaw has 23 years of experience in market development and leadership roles in the risk, compliance and fraud-mitigation markets.  His background includes roles at other large data companies prior to joining LexisNexis Risk Solutions in 2010.

Topics of Interest
He can speak on numerous risk and compliance topics including:

  1. Tools to comply with global economic sanctions and anti-money laundering regulations 
  2. Improving economic inclusion and financial transparency within the global banking system
  3. The development of risk information ecosystems, including regional and global utilities

Additional Biographical Information
Mr. Shaw has shared his insights in a number of media outlets, and recently published an article in Banking Exchange on the risk of Bitcoin.