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Detect more fraud and minimize friction with a 360-degree view of customer identity risk.

Personalize the customer experience and prioritize fraud prevention.

Fraud and Identity Management

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Your answer to stopping ever evolving fraud is here.

Customers transact across multiple channels and cybercriminals utilize bots and synthetic identities to launch ever increasingly sophisticated attacks making it exceedingly difficult—and critical—for you to be able to discern between trusted customers and fraudsters.

LexisNexis® Fraud and Identity Management solutions combine transformative physical and digital identity insights with advanced decisioning and authentication technology to deliver a precise view of customer identity risk. Our solutions enable your business to raise the effectiveness and accuracy of:

  • Decision Analytics
  • Identity and Device Verification and Authentication
  • Investigations

Concentrate on your customers’ experience and effectively combat fraud with minimal friction in near real time by relying on our Fraud and Identity Management solutions to provide a concise, 360-degree view of identity risk at every point of the customer lifecycle.

Detect and deflect more fraud with multi-dimensional physical and digital identity intelligence.

Gain a precise risk perspective enabling your business to better identify and isolate fraud without impacting trusted customers by leveraging the power of more than 78 billion data records augmented by digital identity coverage of the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® combined with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology automation.

Our multi-layered authentication and decisioning tools provide you with near real-time and on-demand consumer identity analytics, authentication and investigative insights to enable your business to effectively combat fraud and keep trusted transactions in efficient motion:

  • Detect and block complex fraud
  • Streamline account opening and onboarding
  • Reduce customer friction and accelerate positive identification
  • Defend against emerging fraud threats
  • Optimize ongoing account servicing
  • Minimize fraud losses and avoid reputational risk

Discover actionable risk insights that enable you to transact securely and seamlessly across every channel by correlating and consolidating the complex and ever-changing attributes that make up a consumer or business identity. 

Manage evolving fraud risks while maximizing personalized interactions.

Your business cannot afford to let a fraudster into your customer ecosystem. You also cannot risk compromising user experiences for your trusted customers.

Our Fraud and Identity Management solutions can be tailored to meet specific risk thresholds and support precise business objectives by leveraging:

  • Multi-layered solutions designed to support a risk-responsive identity proofing and fraud prevention workflow that works within every transaction paradigm.
  • Flexible and customizable tools to help your business personalize the level of authentication based on relevant risk signals and intelligence—so you can confidently defend against existing and emerging fraud trends—without adding friction that compromises valuable customer relationships.

Combat emerging fraud schemes with a comprehensive view of an identity.

Fraudsters move fast and the pace of the digital economy facilitates an increasing level of speed and sophistication that creates unrelenting challenges and cost pressures for your business to contend against. Synthetic identities, bot-attacks, new account fraud and account takeover fraud demand constant vigilance and drain resources from core business objectives. Our Fraud and Identity Management solutions deliver a more complete, holistic view of an identity that allows your business to effectively:

  • Identify fraud before it impacts your bottom line
  • Minimize costly, time-consuming manual reviews
  • Reduce customer abandonment
  • Accelerate customer acquisition and growth

Our authoritative digital identity coverage is built on the foundation of LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® which enables you to identify and authenticate omni-devices and spot suspicious behavior in near real-time by leveraging a network that analyzes more than 150 million daily transactions from more than 30,000 websites worldwide. Further fortifying trust decisions with LexID Digital enables your business to visualize a true, more holistic picture of a customer’s digital identity.

Confidently combat escalating fraud threats by connecting to a multi-faceted view of the customer that incorporates physical and digital identity intelligence to help your business fully optimize fraud defenses while taking advantage of opportunities to grow your business.

Focus on trusted customers and fortify fraud defenses.

Our Fraud and Identity Management solutions deliver the powerful combination of unparalleled physical and digital identity intelligence, innovative technology and intuitive analytics that are trusted by global businesses in over 100 countries for industry-proven:

  • Global customer and identity assurance
  • Integrated, risk-based customer authentication
  • Digital payment fraud and threat prevention

Increase the strength and effectiveness of your fraud prevention strategy while improving the experience for trusted customers with our multi-layered fraud and identity solutions. We help your business personalize risk-based authentication and proactively uncover fraud threats and bad actors before they impact your business or your bottom line. Our solutions enable you to detect more fraud and better segment high-risk accounts from trusted customers without increasing costs so your business can capitalize on growth opportunities and combat emerging fraud threats more effectively.

Gain a competitive advantage.

  • An Unparalleled Network: The LexisNexis Digital Identity Network protects billions of unique online accounts using intelligence harnessed from around 3 billion monthly transactions.
  • A Comprehensive End-to-End Solution: Universal fraud and authentication decisioning across all use cases and throughout the customer journey.
  • Bringing Digital Identities to Life: LexID Digital combines a unique identifier, a confidence score and a visualization graph to genuinely understand a user’s unique digital identity across all channels and touchpoints.
  • An Integrated Approach to Authentication: Flexibly incorporate near real-time event and session data, third-party signals and global intelligence into a single smart authentication framework, to deliver a consistent and low-friction experience with reduced challenge rates.
  • Advanced Behavioral Analytics and a Clear-box Approach to Machine Learning: LexisNexis smart analytics analyze dynamic user behavior to build more accurate, yet simpler, risk models. The result is a competitive edge in customer experience with reduce false positives, while maintaining the lowest possible fraud levels.
  • Privacy by Design: We uniquely solve the challenge of providing dynamic risk assessment of identities while maintaining data privacy through the use of tokenization.
  • Rapid, Lightweight Deployment: Our solution is cloud- based, providing simple and straightforward integration with existing systems.

Balance fraud prevention with preserving customer experience.

The digital economy is fast becoming the dominant economy, driving a digital transformation that has changed consumer interactions from location-centric and in-person to predominantly digital and increasingly global.

Meanwhile, the threat of cybercrime grows, data breaches proliferate and identity credentials are widely available on the dark web.

Sophisticated cyberattacks are bypassing traditional security defenses by mimicking trusted user behavior. Static identity assessment methods alone are therefore no longer effective in verifying a person’s real identity. The solution lies in understanding the digital DNA of users and their unique online footprint that can knit together trusted digital identities that fraudsters can’t fake.

Understanding entities connected to digital identity with LexID Digital, powered by global shared intelligence, provides businesses with the ability to harness intelligence related to devices, locations, identities and past behaviors across the global network in order to accurately distinguish between trusted and fraudulent behavior. LexID Digital extends this near real-time risk-based authentication with a dynamically matched or created identifier.

The LexisNexis Digital Identity Network is built from crowdsourced intelligence from approximately 35 billion global transactions each year including logins, payments and new account creations. This provides a wealth of cross-industry intelligence which is leveraged by LexID Digital.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions gives businesses the ability to genuinely recognize good, returning customers by collating digital identity intelligence from the complex digital DNA of online transactions, whether logins, payment transactions or new account applications.

Experience the power of shared digital identity intelligence.

  • Crowdsourced intelligence from one of the world’s largest digital identity network.
  • Web and Mobile Device Intelligence: Device identification, detection of device compromises across web and mobile, device health and application integrity.
  • True Location and Behavior Analysis: Detection of location cloaking or IP spoofing, proxies, VPNs, Tor browsers and changes in behavior patterns, such as unusual transaction volumes.
  • Identity and Link Analysis: Defining patterns of trusted user behavior by combining identity and transactional metadata with device identifiers, connection and location characteristics.
  • Bot and Malware Threat Intelligence: Actionable threat detection for Malware, Remote Access Trojans (RATs), automated bot attacks, session hijacking and phished accounts, combined with global threat information such as known fraudsters and botnet participation.

Virtual Digital Identity Summit Series 2020

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Detect and deflect fraud before it starts with superior risk intelligence.

A one-size-fits-all fraud and identity program doesn’t work. Our layered, risk-based solutions harness the industry’s most authoritative identity verification and authentication, fraud analytics and investigation capabilities. Streamline new account application and account servicing. Reduce customer friction. Optimize processes and create a more nuanced authentication approach.

Fraud Analytics

Real-time assessment of identity and device patterns, activities and behaviors that may indicate fraud risk.

Identity Verification and Authentication

Fast and reliable confirmation of individual, business, document and device identities.

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