Orchestrate fraud decisioning

Automate Fraud Decisioning With an Orchestration Platform

Learn how an automotive finance company realized a 40% reduction in manual application reviews by automating fraud decisioning with LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™. Find out more in this case study.

Expedite Fraud Decisioning & Elevate Customer Experience

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LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™ Automates Fraud Decisioning With Orchestration

Orchestrate fraud decisioning
Advantage Finance provide automotive credit to consumers who may otherwise be underserved by traditional lenders. The company needed a way to expedite fraud decisioning to positively impact customer experience. They also needed a way to automate contributory reporting to the Cifas National Fraud Database. 

This case study illustrates the results Advantage Finance achieved by leveraging the RiskNarrative™ platform across key fraud decisioning and onboarding workflows.
Key requirements included:

  • Reduce operational costs while managing risk and mitigating fraud
  • Control overall volume of manual referrals
  • Minimize false positives
  • Simplify Cifas reciprocity obligations by automatically filing fraud cases to the Cifas database
  • Focus employee resources on high-value decisions
Download the case study to find out how Advantage Finance automated their fraud decisioning and realized operational efficiencies through risk orchestration.

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