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LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® Powers Beyond Bank’s Customer-First Strategy

Beyond Bank Reduces Fraud & Friction | LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Beyond Bank Australia is an Australian, customer-owned financial services organization, with more than $6 billion assets under management.

The core of Beyond Bank’s digital initiative is to deliver a customer-first strategy, and what it found was that the customers that were more vulnerable to digital fraud were least ‘technologically aware’. These vulnerable customers are often being duped via phishing attacks and mobile phone porting, leading to financial loss both for the customers and the bank. Any solution had to protect all customers, as an opt-in approach would not reach those most vulnerable.

With LexisNexis ThreatMetrix, Beyond Bank can:

  • Access global shared intelligence to proactively identify fraud in near real time.
  • Deliver a consistent experience to trusted customers across their digital journey.
  • Reduce cost and friction associated with step-ups.
  • Better understand customers’ digital behavior to drive its digital transformation agenda.
  • Develop a streamlined customer experience across digital channels.
  • Leverage the ThreatMetrix Portal to identify suspicious patterns by examining links and associations, and investigating related events.

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