Careem Enhances Fraud Detection

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ThreatMetrix Helps Ride-Hailing Pioneer Careem Enhance Fraud Detection

Careem case study

Leveraging global digital identity intelligence, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helped Careem enhance fraud detection on new passenger applications submitted to its ride-hailing platform.

The ThreatMetrix® solution helped Careem build a more reliable profile of trusted customer behavior; improving the detection of genuine fraud, while maintaining a frictionless experience for good customers.

Careem was seeing a range of attacks targeting new passenger applications from fraudsters trying to abuse the ride-hailing platform. These included:

  • Bonus Abuse: Fraudsters create fraudulent passenger accounts in order to target the increased commission or bonus drivers receive for making a certain number of journeys, or picking up passengers at locations such as airports.
  • App Cloning: Fraudsters create fake passenger accounts and then use an app to clone and run those multiple accounts from the same app simultaneously. This enables a fraudster to be both the passenger and driver on the same device. As passenger and driver, the fraudster can clock up multiple journeys which did not occur.
  • Monetizing Stolen Credentials: Fraudsters use stolen credentials to create accounts, monetizing these through loyalty vouchers or rides.

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