TrueID Stops Title Fraud

LexisNexis® TrueID® Stops Title Fraud Worth $500,000

Two individuals attempted to wire out "net sale proceeds," providing multiple forms of government identification. Each piece of ID failed the in-branch LexisNexis® TrueID® All-In-One Scanner.

A Financial Institution Stops Title Fraud Worth $500,000

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Spot Fake IDs That Pass Human Manual Review

Document Authentication Title Fraud
Over $500,000 was transferred into a new bank account from a law firm with the notation “net sale proceeds.” Over several visits to a physical branch, two individuals attempted to wire the sale proceeds to another account. They provided several forms of identification, including a permanent resident card, a copy of a local driver’s license and an international passport which appeared to be brand new.

Each piece of identification failed the LexisNexis® TrueID® All-In-One Scanner at the branch, preventing the transaction and raising concern of fraud.
“We’ve seen significant fraud reduction since the launch of these scanners in our branches. We’ve even seen fraudsters leave their fake IDs behind and hurry out the door once they realize we are going to scan their IDs with this technology.”

- Senior Director, Fraud Strategy, Retail & Small Business

Before implementing the TrueID All-In-One Scanner, the in-branch document authentication process relied on human manual review to determine the authenticity of an identification document (ID); a near-impossible task, given the high quality of fake IDs produced today.

Fraudsters seek to exploit manual review processes by presenting fake IDs that rival legitimate IDs in appearance. Many fake IDs look authentic to the human eye. Organizations can struggle to keep up with thousands of different types of IDs, each featuring a different combination of standards and security features.

As word spread that the financial institution was detecting more forms of fake ID, fewer fraudulent documents have been presented at branches with the scanners. Customer Service Representatives report greater confidence in document authentication, now that they have a stronger solution on their side.

When a TrueID All-In-One Scanner flashes green, representatives know they can be more confident with whom they are interacting.

“We identified our first fraudster literally hours after we installed the device.”

- Senior Director | Fraud Management

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