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Balance Know Your Customer Due Diligence and Core Business Goals  

Our webinar explores how to leverage automation and technology to optimize Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence, capture operations efficiencies and deliver excellent customer experiences.  

Automate Know Your Customer Due Diligence  

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Improve Know Your Customer Due diligence with Innovative Technology

How well do you really Know Your Customer? Avoiding regulatory and reputational risks begins with a near real-time understanding of risk across every relationship and the critical connections that underpin core operations.  To keep pace with changing regulatory expectations and expanding digital markets, it is important to confidently know your customer, know your customer’s customer and know your business. You need current, inclusive and relevant insight into customers, vendors, third-party suppliers and their key relationships and automated and scalable solutions that support efficient Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence.
Our webinar walks through the ways Know Your Customer due diligence expectations have expanded and outlines why regulatory requirements continue to evolve. It also delivers an in-depth look at how automated tools and screening technologies can raise the precision of Know Your Customer due diligence, reduce compliance costs and improve resource allocation.   

The webinar “The Core of Financial Crime Compliance Webinar Series - Know Your Customer and Due Diligence” features real-world examples and detailed cost analysis presented by experts that include Douglas Wolfson, Director, Financial Crime Compliance, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Vivek Chatrath, Managing Director, Deputy Head of Anti-Financial Crime - Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank AG. 

The webinar illustrates a typical digital sanctions risk management workflow and outlines the steps financial institutions must take to optimize Know Your Customer due diligence. The webinar also covers why simplifying onboarding and adding value at the enterprise level means these processes should be automated as much as possible:  

As regulatory expectations evolve and expand, it is important to focus on the efficiency of your Know Your Customer due diligence workflow.  Our webinar walks through current compliance expectations and explores how targeted compliance technology can enable your business to control costs, avoid risk and concentrate on delivering excellent customer experiences that creates more opportunities for your business to grow. 

Learn with our experts by experiencing the webinar on-demand now. 

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