LexisNexis® Map View

Increase property underwriting profitability with better risk assessment and exposure management

LexisNexis® Map View for property insurers allows you to more accurately assess and price risk, and manage exposure by providing visualization of key risk data, valuable insights into property-level risks and overall portfolio exposure to perils and accumulations.


More Accurate Risk Assessments
Aggregating key risk data at the point of sale and point of quote allows you to make more accurate risk assessments at the individual property level.

Precision Pricing
More accurate risk assessments drive more accurate rates, allowing you to price with greater precision and profitably grow your portfolio.

Increase Visibility into Overall Exposure Company-wide
Better understand your exposure hotspots both from an accumulations and perils standpoint and optimize the risk profile of your property book.

Improve Accumulations Management
Gain visibility into where you have an over or under concentration of policies - allowing you to take the appropriate action to manage your business and ensure profitable underwriting.

Standardize Underwriting Best Practices Company-wide
Achieve underwriting consistency company- and channel-wide with a standardized approach to risk selection and underwriting.


Improve Profitability
Improve risk selection, optimize pricing and increase underwriting profitability by assessing risk at the property level. Gain greater insight into portfolio exposure to perils and accumulations and proactively manage underwriting performance.

Drive Business Growth and Increase Your Target Addressable Market
Bringing key risk data into a single view allows you to make more informed risk assessments and identify new business opportunities in areas where previously there may have been incomplete data. LexisNexis customers have experienced up to 50% growth in revenues and an 8% increase in target addressable market using Map View.

Reduce Costs
With a more comprehensive approach to risk assessment and a better understanding of accumulated exposure and perils risk, you can better manage potential losses as well as the cost of reinsurance.

Increase Underwriting Efficiencies
Increase the speed and accuracy of underwriting decisions by optimizing and automating underwriting workflows.