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Improve Your Ability To Trust Users From Account Opening To Transfer

Provide end-to-end security and good customer experience across all stages with behavioral biometrics technology.

Protecting Customer Journey With Behavioral Biometrics

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Balance Fraud and Friction at Every Touchpoint Across the Customer Journey

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Although most financial fraud losses are usually attributed to payment-related transactions, identity fraud happens throughout the whole customer journey. Fraudsters have learned to exploit the volume and velocity of transactions converging across multiple touchpoints by targeting each individual touchpoint.

Recent data from the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® reveals that 1 in 12 new account creations represent an attack. Mobile app logins have seen a 211% YoY growth in attack rates, and 1 in 20 password resets are attacks across all channels.

A static approach to detecting suspicious behavior exposes organizations and consumers to elevated risk of fraud. An integrated strategy that can detect anomalies at early stages of the customer journey and incorporate behavioral biometrics authentication can prevent future financial and reputational damage.

Deep Insights Into Every Interaction

When it comes to securing an organization’s digital assets, traditional authentication methods are no longer enough. Behavioral biometrics authentication provides a more comprehensive and accurate means of verifying user identity, thereby enhancing security and protecting against emerging threats.

Behavioral biometrics discreetly collects behavioral data whenever a user engages with your app, service or website. The software analyzes each session for environmental risk factors, using a rich set of intelligent signals that yield a near real-time authenticity score.
Working passively behind a digital interaction, the solution ensures that your genuine users may interact without friction and enjoy powerful online experiences, while simultaneously enabling rapid responses to real risks and user anomalies.

Our advanced modelling incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to generate critical insights to support rapid decision-making,  facilitate investigations, or establish online trust. 
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New Account Creation and Onboarding

Monitor for behavioral anomalies to detect potential patterns that could be indicative of fraud, such as memory features and process anomalies. Utilizing machine learning, our solution helps you build a trusted baseline of what’s considered normal in a specific environment.
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LexisNexis BehavioSec gives you a new set of behavioral signals that transparently evaluates risk throughout the user journey. We focus on recognizing each individual’s behavior, not simply looking for anomalies to flag potential fraud.
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Protect all high-risk touchpoints such as change of passwords, adding beneficiaries, and others with a reliable passive authentication solution that can identify changes in user behavior.
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Transaction Fraud and Social Engineering

Detect payment fraud by identifying behaviors that do not fit a customer’s normal patterns. LexisNexis BehavioSec scans for signs of remote access scams, coaching or coercion in the victim's behavior.

Better detect and act upon more sophisticated attacks with built-in functionality that enables forensic deep dives into sessions that occurred seconds ago.

LexisNexis® BehavioSec® deeply analyzes multiple signals of behavior to provide trust scores on the legitimacy of a customer's identity.

Why Choose LexisNexis BehavioSec?

Improve Trust

Recognize genuine consumers. Our behavioral biometric authentication technology allows us to recognize if the user involved in the transaction is the real and rightful person. Our AI and machine learning technology deliver accurate user recognition based on previous interactions with that specific webpage or app.

Reduce Fraud

Detect non-human behaviors. Behavioral biometrics data can help detect bots and Remote Access Trojans (RAT), man-in-the browser attacks, aggregators and interactions that are likely to be non-human in origin.

Reduce Inconsistency

Intercept scams at the coaching stage. Even if we have recognized that the person is the authentic user, LexisNexis BehavioSec® can also detect indicators of transfer scams, such as the software tools criminals rely on or signs of coercion or coaching in the victim’s behavior.
Behavioral Biometrics use cases hands on a tablet
Behavioral Biometrics use cases hands on mobile phone
Improve the Customer Experience

Reduce friction to consumers. Behavioral biometrics allows companies to fortify a foundation of trust. Take an adaptive approach to risk and unlock seamless experiences by removing unnecessary barriers and friction from recognized customers.

Boost Business Performance

Improve efficiency. Manage fraud losses, moderate budget and resources and drive efficiencies to your risk management strategy by reducing false positives, and lowering the need for manual interventions and reducing customer frustration.

Reduce Complexity

Choose a simple implementation and management through a single API, and gain efficiencies optimizing solution sourcing.

Join a Global Digital Intelligence Network

The LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® crowdsources insights across over 78 billion transactions from thousands of businesses globally, building the largest repository of digital identity intelligence that grows more powerful with each transaction.
The best of both worlds: LexisNexis BehavioSec is now available alongside LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix®.

A combined solution bringing together advanced data interpretation from LexisNexis Risk Solutions® for authentication and fraud prevention

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® and LexisNexis® BehavioSec® deliver the ultimate combination of behavioral biometrics and identity verification solutions to establish trust in customers and the transactions they perform.

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