Livestreaming and cybercrime

Prioritize Trusted Customers and Proactively Prevent Cybercrime

Our case study details how digital identity intelligence enables LiveMe to conduct up-front, non-intrusive user risk assessments that help prevent cybercrime and keep user experience a top priority.

Increase Security Without Impacting User Experience

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Optimize Cybercrime Defenses Without Disrupting Legitimate Users

Livestreaming and cybercrime
A recent Europol operation identified more than 4,000 money mules and almost 5,000 fraudulent transactions.1 It is critical to have an optimal and scalable cybercrime defense when your business is built around the digital economy.

Our case study examines how LiveMe - an innovative live broadcasting platform, is leveraging digital identity intelligence to balance exponential business growth with an effective cybercrime defense. Explore details on how LiveMe utilizes risk management tools from LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® and the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network to proactively defend their business against cybercrime while keeping user experience a top priority. 

The powerful combination of robust digital identity insights and global transaction intelligence enables LiveMe to conduct rapid and multi-layered user risk assessments that uncover signals of money laundering and fraudulent behaviors at the front-end of the transaction.

The case study highlights how our proven cybercrime solutions easily integrate with LiveMe’s business and seamlessly scale to support their continued growth by delivering clear advantages: 

  • Strong defenses against malicious activity and money mules
  • Minimal impact on the LiveMe user experience
  • Improved risk management across the organization
  • Confidence that increasing regulatory obligations will be met
  • Fast, easy deployment and straightforward integration with the platform

Explore the entire case study to learn how ThreatMetrix and the Digital Identity Network enable LiveMe to optimize their cybercrime defenses without creating unnecessary obstacles for legitimate content creators. 

Get complete details in the case study.

1.  422 arrested and 4 031 money mules identified in global crackdown on money laundering | Europol (

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