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Take a proactive stand against wildlife trafficking with tips from our infographic. Find out how a targeted view of risk can help uncover suspicious behaviors and transaction anomalies.

Break the Connection Between Wildlife and Global Crimes

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Effectively Avoid Transactions Tied to Wildlife Trafficking

Wildlife Trafficking prevention

The trail to wildlife trafficking is often paved with money. Transactions related to wildlife trafficking are difficult to detect because payments and activities are hidden within legitimate businesses. How can you keep transactions tied to this damaging crime out of your key supply chains and critical relationships while also playing a bigger role in preventing wildlife trafficking?

Our infographic explores the explosive growth of wildlife trafficking and details the exacting consequences of this global crime on human health, economic stability, global security and environmental sustainability.  It also highlights how increased regulatory focus on wildlife trafficking makes taking a role in prevention an essential component of your financial crime compliance strategy.

The infographic details the multiple threats to society and human health posed by wildlife trafficking:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic encapsulates the magnitude of human health and economic threats tied to zoonotic diseases linked to illegal trade and consumption of wildlife
  • The damaging environmental impacts of wildlife trafficking are well documented:
    • Threats to endangered species from poaching and extinction
    • Economic impacts such as diminished farming outputs
    • Damage to ecosystems from invasive species being trafficked
  • Wildlife trafficking is often a feeder crime that fuels and facilitates organized crime rings, corrupt governments and syndicates

The infographic also illustrates how stronger focus on public and private collaborations to track and thwart trafficking and regulatory efforts to follow the money has led to an increase in regulatory attention around the prevention of wildlife trafficking:

  • Collaborative efforts between Non-government organizations (NGO’s) and financial institutions
  • UN General Assembly (UN General Assembly Resolution 73/343)
  • International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC)
  • Financial Action Task Force

Wildlife trafficking is a growing global threat that contributes to economic, environmental and societal issues. Transactions tied to these crimes can put the integrity of critical transactions, relationships and supply chains at risk.  Advanced technology and digital identity intelligence can help strengthen risk visibility to support your efforts to play an active role in combatting wildlife trafficking. Find out the steps you can take to reinforce your core values, improve corporate citizenship and stay focused on business sustainability. 

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Crimes of Wildlife Trafficking Webinar Recording

Our webinar details impacts of wildlife trafficking crimes and their relationship to increased regulatory oversight and corporate responsibilities.

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