Wildlife Trafficking

Stand Against Wildlife Trafficking 

Our webinar explores why wildlife trafficking is a critical global security and economic issue and details how your business can play a proactive role in preventing this global crime.

Prioritize Wildlife Trafficking Prevention

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Combat Wildlife Trafficking with a Targeted View of Transaction Risk  

The damage created by wildlife trafficking goes beyond environmental concerns. Human health issues, economic threats and global security challenges are all tied to this widespread crime. This low risk/high reward crime is hard to detect, which complicates compliance efforts and puts the integrity of critical transactions, relationships and supply chains at risk.  How can your business play a role in preventing wildlife trafficking?

Our webinar takes an in-depth look into the multiple security, health and economic issues that stem from wildlife trafficking. With real-life examples, the webinar explores the essence of wildlife trafficking crimes and their extensive connection to organized crime rings, corrupt governments and terrorist financing.  The webinar also details the role corporations can play in taking on this threat and how advanced technologies help your business avoid hidden risks tied to wildlife trafficking.

The webinar “Threats to Global Security Webinar Series - Crimes of Wildlife Trafficking” features detailed insights and current case studies presented by experts that include Douglas Wolfson, Director, Financial Crime Compliance, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Brian Gonzales, Head of Protection of Endangered Species, World Wildlife Fund, Hong Kong. 

The webinar illustrates the size and scope of global wildlife trafficking and illustrates the various stages of wildlife trafficking. It also  details the related offences from ancillary laws connected to the wildlife trafficking trade:

  • Animal cruelty / welfare
  • Fraudulent documents
  • Corruption
  • Money-laundering and financial crime
  • Tax offences
  • Threats and violence
  • Organized crime offences

Transactions related to wildlife trafficking are usually hidden within legitimate businesses. Many wildlife trafficking supply chains are based in cash until transportation and shipping come into play, which further complicates risk visibility.

There are advanced technologies and digital identity intelligence that can enable businesses to take a more proactive role in the prevention of wildlife trafficking by delivering a level of increased risk visibility. By identifying and isolating suspicious behaviors and transaction anomalies, these technologies help businesses avoid transactions tied to wildlife trafficking and expand the ability to keep bad actors out of key supply chains and business relationships.

Businesses participating in the global economy have a shared responsibility to prevent wildlife trafficking and the devastating economic, environmental and societal impacts fueled by wildlife crimes.  Our webinar delivers real-world perspective on how your business can reinforce your commitment to wildlife trafficking prevention, protect your core values and prioritize your core business. 

Break the Connection between Wildlife and Global Crimes

Take a proactive stand against wildlife trafficking with tips from our infographic.

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