Human Trafficking

Prioritize the Prevention of Human Trafficking

Commit to the fight against human trafficking with insights from our infographic. Find out how advanced technology enables your business to improve risk visibility and reinforce corporate values.   

Effectively Target Transactions Tied to Human Trafficking

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Prevent Human Trafficking Risks from Impacting Supply Chain Integrity

Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking is an explosive human rights issue with damaging societal and global security impacts. It fuels criminal enterprises, extremist conflicts and facilitates the enslavement of millions of people worldwide, including children. No company wants to directly contribute to human trafficking activities, yet transactions connected to human trafficking are often difficult to detect. 

Can you be completely confident that critical supply chains and business relationships are free of ties to human trafficking?    

Our infographic illustrates how human trafficking directly impacts your business. 
It also details how advanced technologies can improve risk visibility and help you isolate suspicious anomalies that may indicate human trafficking risks.

The infographic underscores the devastating societal and security impacts fueled by human trafficking: 

  • Human Trafficking is a gateway to slavery. Currently it is estimated that there are 40.3 million slaves throughout the world.1
  • Children make up 27% of all human trafficking victims worldwide2
  • Human trafficking fuels conflict by enabling armed and extremist groups to raise income and expand their power and military capabilities3
  • State-sponsored trafficking provides corrupt regimes a source of income and bolsters their military capabilities4
  • Human trafficking undercuts the ability of international institutions to promote peace and stability 
The infographic also highlights how advanced technology can help target activities tied to human trafficking and isolate suspicious behaviors or transaction anomalies: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide a more nuanced look into transactions, behaviors and relationships
  • Digital identity intelligence adds near real-time insight into device, location and behaviors
  • Assess payments across all types of platforms

Finally, the infographic includes direct action your business can take in the fight against human trafficking:   

Taking a stand against human trafficking is a shared responsibility. By strengthening supply chain integrity and raising risk insight across critical transactions and core relationships, you can make an impact in the fight against human trafficking and also improve business sustainability. Prioritize the prevention of human trafficking by taking a proactive stand against it with insights from our infographic. 

Explore the infographic now.

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Avoid Exposure to Human Trafficking with a Targeted View of Risk

Our webinar illustrates how the issue of human trafficking has become such a growing risk and explores the ways technology help to raise visibility across critical relationships and supply chains for businesses. 

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