Enhance Risk Decisions in the 3-D Secure Customer Journey

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Enabling ACS Providers to Make More Informed Risk Decisions

Risk Decisions in 3D Secure

Digital commerce is one of the key driving forces behind the growth of global economies, providing access to goods and services to online consumers wherever and whenever they choose. While this facilitates inclusion on a global scale, it also presents challenges for merchants, issuers and acquirers, to verify identities and authenticate transactions without introducing friction into a competitive online marketplace.

The 3DS protocol provides a secure framework to link the acquirer with the issuer in order to authenticate a cardholder during an e-commerce transaction. It was updated in 2018 to include a mobile component and to further streamline the customer experience without compromising security.

With the expanded scope of 3DS 2.x, merchants can now share 150 data points with issuers, helping them to make more informed risk decisions. The key to capitalizing on this expanded scope is to leverage the most relevant and up-to-date intelligence, on a global scale, across industries, channels and platforms.

Issuers and ACS providers therefore need access to the most comprehensive, relevant intelligence to authenticate a cardholder in near real time, minimizing additional step-ups and optimizing the use of low-friction authentication strategies when required.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides that edge via digital identity intelligence harnessed from thousands of global digital businesses, across over 50 billion global transactions, updated in near real time.

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