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Effectively Identify True Risk with Enhanced Due Diligence

Relying on disparate data sources and systems can make enhanced due diligence and alert remediation processes a significant challenge for compliance departments. LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global utilizes cutting-edge matching logic and sophisticated linking technology to create a consolidated view of risk. By enabling consumer, business and risk data to be searched independently yet linked together through one platform, a more confident identification of potential risk emerges.


Gain a More Holistic View of Individual, Business and Risk Entities

Expansive data aggregated into a single interface supports a more transparent view of entities—even between seemingly unrelated parties. LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global quickly highlights associations and the potential risk they pose.

Effectively Eliminate False Positives and Confirm Genuine Matches

An extensive collection of key personal identifier (forenames, surnames, dates of birth and addresses) contained in public records, company and consumer data ensures more confident identification of risk.

Reduce Processing Time—No Need for Multiple Research Systems

LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global consolidates data in one portal so there is no need to rely on multiple data sources and systems. So operations can be scaled down—lowering cost and complexity and significantly decreasing risk.

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

A unified risk view, created by leveraging analytics and linking technologies, improves outcomes and enables remediation and enhanced due diligence activities to be conducted efficiently.

Span the Entire Due Diligence Lifecycle

Whether conducting enhanced due diligence on new high-risk subjects, remediating a sanctions alert generated by ongoing screening processes or compiling suspicious activity reports, LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global can be utilized across the lifecycle.


LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global combines three categories of critical due diligence with proprietary data processing and linking technologies. This enables you to conduct EDD and remediation activities via a single platform.

Risk Information

(LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data)

  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Adverse Media
  • Sanctions
  • Enforcements
  • State Owned Entities

Business Information/Companies

  • Company Details
  • Director Information
  • Ownership Structures
  • Shareholderships

Evaluate risk quickly and confidently with a unique combination of consumer, business and risk information, all provided via our web-based investigation platform. Gain increased confidence in your enhanced due diligence processes and reduce the time they take with LexisNexis® LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global.

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