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A Unique, Tokenized Customer Identifier — LexID® Digital

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Unify Unique Online and Offline Identity Attributes in Near Real-time

The speed and global span of the digital economy demands a proactive way to quickly recognize trusted users and complete digital authentication across multiple devices, locations and behaviors. Static identity assessment methods and point solutions alone aren’t enough in verifying a person’s real identity in this fast-evolving digital landscape.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions unifies online and offline identity attributes with LexID® Digital and supports near real-time risk-based digital authentication with this dynamically matched, tokenized customer identifier.

By leveraging LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® and contributory digital intelligence from the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®, LexID Digital delivers a complete view of the customer identity.

With dynamic and actionable insights leveraged from billions of global online transactions, embedded machine learning and an intelligent decisioning platform, LexID Digital delivers a holistic view of the transacting user that enables your business to:

  • Confidently accept more cross-border transactions
  • Accelerate digital authentication without friction and delays
  • Proactively detect and mitigate fraud
  • Intuitively visualize different entities associated with the transacting user and complex associations formed based on the past events and behavior
  • Manage privacy and security to maximize trusted customer experiences

Balance Proactive Fraud Detection with Personalized Customer Experiences

Faster digital authentication decisions fuel revenues. Exceptional transaction speeds do not have to compromise effective fraud prevention. LexID Digital blends online and offline data elements for each transacting user to consistently identify a person and reliably recognize the same returning user across multiple devices, email addresses, physical addresses and account names. This level of consistency facilitates a higher level of personalized customer interactions while enabling your business to quickly isolate behavior anomalies and fortify fraud defenses in near real-time. LexID Digital captures a globalized cross-industry view of a digital identity by aggregating more than 35 billion annual crowdsourced global transactions via the LexisNexis Digital Identity Network.

LexID Digital is comprised of four components that create a complete picture of customer risk to better distinguish between trusted and fraudulent behavior, quickly inform decisions and keep valuable transactions in motion:

Unique Identifier: A unique tokenized digital identifier based on anonymized global shared intelligence from the Digital Identity Network.

Graph Visualization: An interactive visualization of associations and linkages between the digital identifier and entities, based on data and insights from the Digital Identity Network which analyzes 35 billion transactions annually.

Confidence Score: A dynamic score to qualify the likelihood of a current event being associated with a designated LexID Digital identifier — predicts the authenticity of the connecting user.

Trust Score: A dynamic score that reflects reliability of the connecting user of the LexID Digital for a given transaction.

Differentiate between Trusted Customers and Fraudulent Behavior with Dynamic Digital Identity Intelligence

Digital Identity Intelligence Linking Customer Attributes

LexID Digital helps your business confidently recognize trusted users across multiple devices, locations and behaviors so you can increase transaction speeds and accelerate revenue realization. By providing a trusted digital identifier that persists across every channel and omni-devices, LexID Digital delivers a deeper, multi-dimensional view into an identity, relationships between different entities and known behaviors to help enable your business to:  

  • Capture More Business with Global Customer Recognition: Accept more cross-border transactions by leveraging a global customer view from the entire LexisNexis Digital Identity Network.
  • Reduce Fraud with Identity Assurance: Detect the use of synthetic and stolen identities before they impact your customer ecosystem. Low confidence scores help you intuitively recognize identity credentials being used fraudulently/out of prior context.
  • Detect Unusual Behavior: Quickly distinguish behavior that point solutions or purely device-based solutions would miss, such as location anomalies, new email addresses originating from the same device or new shipping addresses that haven’t been seen before.
  • Establish a Comprehensive Customer View: Work from a 360-degree view of customer identity with combined perspective of offline and online data; visually monitor customer behavior based on past events.
  • Speed manual reviews: Understand critical associations and relationships tied to the transacting user with intuitive visualizations.

Capitalize on Digital Revenue Opportunities with a Complete View of Risk

LexID Digital consolidates critical digital identity and device identity insights to illustrate the unique online identity footprint of a user to enable your business to confidently complete digital authentication.  Quickly recognize trusted users and understand the behaviors and patterns that signal fraud risk with a more inclusive identity view. Connect to smarter digital authentication and refined fraud decisioning with LexID Digital so you can confidently capitalize on opportunities across the global digital marketplace.   
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