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LexID® Digital is a unique, tokenized customer identifier that revolutionizes digital authentication and fraud prevention. It unites online and offline attributes in near real time enabling organizations to establish the true digital identity of their customers. LexID Digital is a component of ThreatMetrix® which provides an enterprise solution for digital identity intelligence and authentication powered by insight from billions of transactions, embedded machine learning, and a powerful decision platform.
LexID® Digital

Main Elements of LexID Digital

  • Unique Identifier: A tokenized alphanumeric identifier for each of 1.4 billion recognized users across the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®.
  • Graph Visualization: An interactive visualization based on the Digital Identity Graph of all devices, credentials, threats and behavioral attributes related to an identity.
  • Confidence Score: A dynamic score to qualify the likelihood of a current event being associated with a designated LexID Digital.
  • Trust Score: A dynamic score that reflects the reputational integrity of the LexID Digital for a given transaction.

Value of LexID Digital

  • Accept More Business with Global Customer Recognition: Helps businesses accept more cross-border transactions by offering a global customer view from the entire LexisNexis Digital Identity Network.
  • Reduce Fraud with Identity Assurance: Detects use of synthetic and stolen identities. Low confidence scores can suggest identity credentials being used fraudulently/out of prior context.
  • Detect Unusual Behavior: Detects behavior that device-based solutions would miss, such as location anomalies, new email addresses originating from the same device or new shipping addresses that haven’t been seen before.
  • Comprehensive Customer View: With LexID Digital, businesses get a 360-degree view of customer identity by merging offline and online data; they can visually monitor customer behavior based on past events.
  • Intuitive Visualizations: Helps speed up manual reviews.

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