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Reduce Online Friction and More Accurately Detect Fraud

Case Study - Fraud and online gambling
Improve the online banking experience without adding fraud risk

The Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) prides itself on a customer-centric strategy. By offering simple, smart, personalized banking services, it’s built a reputation for trust across the entire customer lifecycle. So when CBD wanted to offer a market-leading mobile banking app to provide its customers with banking freedom, one of its priorities was that the platform be virtually frictionless.

Streamlining user interactions was critical. The challenge was how to balance a simple and seamless online banking experience with the ever-growing threat of fraud.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offered the ThreatMetrix® solution that incorporated global digital identity intelligence with dynamic behavioral analytics. CBD was then able to build an accurate profile of trusted customer behavior, thereby reducing false positives and improving detection of genuine fraud incidents. Additionally, friction was minimized, helping to ensure every customer interaction proceeded smoothly and was a positive experience.

Learn more in our detailed case study, “The LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® Solution Supports Commercial Bank of Dubai’s Customer-Centric Strategy by Reducing Online Friction and More Accurately Detecting Fraud.”

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