Reduce Account Takeovers and Online Fraud

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Reducing Account Takeovers and Fraudulent Purchases for a Travel Marketplace

Differentiate between trusted users and cybercriminals in near real time.

Reduce Account Takeovers and Online Fraud

The success of this online travel marketplace relies on a currency of reciprocal trust between hosts looking to rent property and guests searching for a more authentic travel experience. Safety and security is prioritized at every stage of the journey, both online and offline, in order to prevent fraudsters infiltrating the online community.

However, as with all ecommerce and online marketplaces, fraudsters target this online travel marketplace to take over valuable accounts or profit through various scams or payment fraud.

Leveraging LexisNexis® Risk Solutions dynamic digital identity intelligence during login and payment events, this online travel marketplace can identify instances of high-risk behavior in near real time, helping it protect the integrity of its community.

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