Fraud and Identity Trends to Watch in 2023

7 Trends That Will Shape the Fraud and Identity Landscape in 2023

2023 Fraud and Identity Trends


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Top 7 Trends Shaping the Fraud and Identity Landscape in 2023

Fraud and Identity Trends to Watch in 2023
Online interactions are commonplace consumer behavior as digital transactions dominate the marketplace. In this current landscape, the routes for fraudsters to interfere with a business are infinite. Organizations are contending  with highly professionalized fraud networks working at pace to monetize an evolving array of fraud schemes.

Here are LexisNexis® Risk Solutions top 7 trends to watch in the Fraud and Identity space.  Find out which market developments and fraud challenges are most likely to impact operational budgets, customer experience and your fraud plans in the year ahead.
Download the infographic to get more insights on each trend and discover the top strategies for establishing trust, improving the experience and identifying risk. 

  1. Expanding digital economies are creating exponential opportunities for fraud
  2. Complex global marketplaces and interconnected threat vectors require a collective response
  3. Complex mass and targeted social engineering schemes spread across multiple geographies and industries
  4. The migration to mobile transactions and a digital payments paradigm are challenging trust recognition and risk management
  5. Finding the right risk-to-friction balance is mandatory as companies aim to protect consumers without disrupting their experience
  6. Increased global connectivity leads fraud networks to expand the complexity of fraud schemes
  7. Multi-dimensional consumer identities require a more dynamic response at every step of the journey

Download the infographic for an overview of each trend likely to impact your fraud strategy and get the Global State of Fraud and Identity Report for deeper insights and expert perspectives to support a proactive fraud response.

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