Cdiscount Reduces Account Takeovers and Payment Fraud

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ThreatMetrix Helps Cdiscount Detect Fraudulent Activity

Cdiscount Reduces Fraudulent Activity

Today, more than ever, customers are turning to eCommerce, prompting a dramatic and steady rise in online transactions.

However, online retailers are stuck between providing the smoothest possible experience for customers (new and existing) and protecting themselves from fraudsters who take advantage of the anonymity provided by digital channels. Online retailers need to be able to reliably recognize trusted, returning customers, regardless of when and where they transact.

Cdiscount is the leader in French eCommerce. In 2018 it turned over more than €3.6 billion, with over 20 million unique visitors and nearly 9 million customers.

By leveraging digital identity intelligence from the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®, Cdiscount can reliably differentiate between trusted and fraudulent online behavior in near real time, allowing them to:

  • Protect existing customers from fraudulent account takeovers.
  • Accept more orders from good, trusted customers, minimizing online friction.
  • Authorize various payment solutions for secure transactions.
  • Detect fraudulent orders using stolen / spoofed credit cards.

Download the case study to discover how LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps to protect the integrity of this eCommerce platform.

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