Payments trends

5 Payments Trends to Watch in 2023

From reducing payments failure to increasing fast frictionless payments, these are the payments trends to watch in 2023. Get the infographic.

2023 Payments Trends Infographic

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5 Payments Trends to Watch in 2023 - Get the Infographic

Payments trends
With the first phase of ISO 20022 set to begin in March 2023, the payments industry may well be entering an entirely new era. Did you know that:

  • Nearly 60% of corporations rate digital transformation as a key priority1
  • Global payment revenue is expected to hit $2.9 trillion by 20302
  • Organizations can lose as much as 5% of their customers due to failed or delayed payments3
  • The average global straight-through processing rate is as low as 26%, leaving lots of room for improvement4
  • Nearly 1/4 of delays or failures are due to issues with bank beneficiary name and address details5
  • $12 is the average fee for each rejected or repaired payment6
Discover more stats like these in our new infographic: 5 Payments Trends to Watch in 2023. Download now.

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