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Take a Role in Ending the Threat of Human Trafficking 

Our webinar illustrates how the issue of human trafficking has become such a growing risk and explores the ways technology raises visibility across critical relationships and supply chains.   

Protect Your Business and Improve Supply Chain Visibility 

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Avoid Exposure to Human Trafficking with a Targeted View of Risk 

Every business can agree they have a responsibility and a role to play in the fight to prevent human trafficking. Yet the global and societal impacts of human trafficking often feel overwhelming for one business or one individual to effectively tackle alone. Where do you begin to combat human trafficking and what steps actually make a difference in conquering this growing global security threat? 

Our webinar breaks down the factors that have fueled the explosive growth of human trafficking.  It also illustrates how by prioritizing the integrity of critical customer and third-party connections, valuable transactions and core supply chains, your business can play a vital role in preventing human trafficking crimes. 

The webinar “Human Trafficking – Stolen Lives” features detailed insights and real-world case studies presented by experts that include Douglas Wolfson, Director, Financial Crime Compliance, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Mike Coates, Volunteer, The Mekong Club.  The webinar explores how today’s economic and geopolitical environment provide routes for human trafficking to flourish and stay hidden behind the scenes. It also walks through the ways businesses and individuals alike can be proactive in the prevention of human trafficking.  Finally, the webinar details how advanced technologies and digital identity intelligence are making an impact in the fight against human trafficking.           

The webinar provides a detailed overview into how the choices we make as individuals and businesses have great impacts in the prevention of human slavery. The examples delivered in the webinar provide a good illustration into how everything related to a product and the supply chain used to create that product ties to together holistically: 

  • Individuals need to bring awareness of human trafficking into their shopping and investing choices
  • Businesses must raise visibility across every component of their supply chains and foster better synergies and communication between the Environmental Societal and Corporate Governance (ESG) function and the procurement team
  • Financial institutions need to review asset management guidelines and increase clarity into core investments and lending practices

The webinar also walks through how advanced technology can enable your business to assess critical areas of your supply chains and key business relationships from a more targeted view of risk that could help uncover hidden ties to human trafficking: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide a more nuanced look into transactions, behaviors and relationships
  • Digital identity intelligence adds near real-time insight into device, location and behaviors
  • Technology tools can help your business assess payments across all types of platforms

We each have a responsibility to start working to effectively end the expanding global security threats and human rights abuses associated with human trafficking. Our webinar provides a deeper understanding of the challenges fueling human trafficking and delivers a detailed overview of the tools, technologies and choices that are available to help proactively combat the human trafficking. The topic of human trafficking isn’t an easy one to explore but, on many levels, it is an essential topic to take on. Get started today with our webinar recording of “Human Trafficking – Stolen Lives.”

Effectively Target Transactions Tied to Human Trafficking

Prioritize the prevention of human trafficking by taking a proactive stand against it with insights from our infographic. 

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