Combating Wildlife Trafficking with the Power of Collaboration

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Wildlife trafficking

Take a Stand Against International Wildlife Trafficking

Learn how to help prevent wildlife trafficking by utilizing partnerships and data in this joint LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and United for Wildlife report.
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Help Prevent Wildlife Trafficking by Understanding Risks and Red Flags

Wildlife trafficking
Wildlife trafficking is considered the fourth largest illegal industry worldwide1 and is estimated to be worth up to $20 billion annually.2 This transnational crime is a multi-faceted threat fueling interconnected and negative impacts on: 
  • Global security
  • Human health interests
  • Environmental sustainability
International wildlife trafficking also feeds money laundering crimes that enable criminal organizations to generate revenue to facilitate other crimes tied to human trafficking, narcotics and more.
Businesses associated with wildlife trafficking crimes face detrimental impacts on business continuity, brand reputation and shareholder value. This report, developed with United for Wildlife, investigates trends, routes and red flags around international wildlife trafficking to keep on your risk radar.

Gain insights on how collaborative efforts and private-public partnerships are making a difference in dismantling transnational trafficking rings. You’ll learn how utilizing adverse media and understanding detailed financial connections helps advance the fight by enabling global financial institutions play a critical role in stopping the growth of wildlife trafficking. 

Take a stand against wildlife trafficking and prioritize business sustainability by protecting against the risks of these transnational crimes. 

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Wildlife Trafficking: Adverse Media Insights and Trends

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