LexisNexis® True Cost of Fraud™ Study – EMEA Edition

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The Cost of Fraud Significantly Increases as Cybercriminals Diversify

LexisNexis analyst reviewing fraud data

As digital transformation continues apace in financial services and retail the latest LexisNexis® True Cost of Fraud™ Study reveals that cybercriminals are attacking a wider set of payment methods and driving up the cost of fraud to new highs.

Our report shows that for markets with comparable 2019 data the fraud multiplier has increased by 12.3% in Germany, 27.2% in France, 34.6% in the Netherlands and 41.5% in South Africa.

Download our full report to learn more about:
  • The true cost of fraud
  • The impact of consumer behavior shifts towards remote channel use and digital payment methods
  • Identity verification being a common top challenge across the customer journey
  • Customer Journey Stage Most Susceptible to Fraud