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Sanctions Compliance Risk is Everywhere

Respond with a risk-responsive sanctions compliance strategy that combines dynamic, digital identity intelligence with extensive sanctions and enforcements coverage. Learn more in our webinar.  

Proactively Avoid Sanctions Compliance Risk

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Capture Opportunities Without Compromising Sanctions Compliance

Sanctions compliance risk is everywhere. Bad actors are capitalizing on decentralized, cross-border digital commerce to avoid detection of sanctions evasion, fraud and financial crimes— and regulatory agencies are taking notice. How can you prioritize business opportunities in the digital economy while proactively avoiding costly sanctions compliance risks? 
Our webinar, “How Robust is Your OFAC Sanctions Compliance Program” walks through the ways OFAC sanctions compliance and other regulatory considerations are impacting sanctions compliance strategies in the APAC region.  Featuring industry experts that include Douglas Wolfson, Director, Financial Crime Compliance, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Nicholas Turner, Of Counsel, Steptoe & Johnson HK, LLP, the webinar focuses on the dynamic sanctions compliance risks and regulatory pressures businesses are facing as they traverse the opportunities and obstacles arising from expanded digital commerce and wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies.  The webinar also details how the combination of digital identity intelligence and extensive sanctions and enforcements coverage can strengthen your compliance strategy and position it to be more risk responsive.  

At the session, we share key considering elements to achieve a risk-responsive sanctions strategy that protects your business within the sphere of digital commerce:

  • Sanctions risk management requires more than periodic screening
  • Real-time risk management and continuous monitoring are essential
  • Risk-based due diligence = due diligence and touchpoints to the U.S.
  • Compliance officers should be comfortable with data

A robust OFAC sanctions compliance program positions your business to take advantage of the growth opportunities presented by digital commerce and globalization and effectively protects against the negative impacts of a sanctions compliance enforcement.  Find out the essential components of an effective sanctions compliance strategy and learn relevant insights from our industry experts.  

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Optimize OFAC Sanctions Compliance and Keep Pace with Changing Market Dynamics

What are the sanctions compliance obstacles created by digital commerce and regulatory demands? Find out how to achieve a risk-responsive strategy.

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