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Add an additional layer to your fraud prevention strategy with LexisNexis® Phone Intelligence

Phone numbers weren’t designed for security. They were never meant to be anything more than user identifiers for the telephone network. Applying them to online identification and authentication creates a host of issues. Fraudsters use compromised phone numbers to commit identity fraud and account takeover, with losses due to phone-related fraud rising sharply. So how can the utilization of a phone number as an authenticator be made more secure?

A more seamless way to reduce fraud and keep users safe

LexisNexis® Phone Intelligence—currently available in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany with more countries potentially available upon request (please contact us for any other country you would be interested in)—is a proven solution that organizations can add to their processes to validate phone numbers, prevent fraud and improve the customer experience. Phone Intelligence leverages LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® data in conjunction with near real time phone carrier data to deliver risk attributes and a risk assessment for a phone number in near real time. It provides answers to these important questions:

  • Is this person the account owner?
  • Does the account look compromised and could it be a case of account takeover?
  • Is there fraud, risk or suspicious behavior associated with this phone number?

Through the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®, Phone Intelligence Assessment has access to a vast store of valuable online activity and reputation data for millions of phone numbers, delivering insights on the phone number & associated relationships, including interactions and behavior.
LexisNexis Phone Intelligence Indicators allows our customers the ability to conduct a robust phone risk assessment to:

Phone Intelligence validate icon

Validate risk of a phone number utilized within a transaction

  • Does it belong to the account owner?
  • Does the account look compromised?
  • Is there fraud, risk or suspicious behavior associated with the phone number?

Phone intelligence access magnifying glass icon

Assess the risk of a phone number before allowing a next step action

  • Changing account details
  • Sending a One Time Password
  • Authorizing a payment


Phone Intelligence phone icon

Assess the risk of making an outbound call to a customer:

  • For authentication
  • For verification


  • Validate phone number as an authenticator in transactions
  • Prevent new account fraud or account takeover attempts
  • Reduce costs by creating fewer false positives and effectively accepting more legitimate applications
  • Improve the user experience by allowing risk-based authentication
  • Gain greater insight by combining digital network intelligence alongside real time live carrier information
  • Enable effective decisions by flexibly utilizing the risk score or the individual data elements within your processes as needed, all through a single integration and in conjunction with your LexisNexis ThreatMetrix policy if applicable


Through the LexisNexis Digital Identity Network, Phone Intelligence has access to a vast store of valuable online activity and reputation data for millions of phone numbers. Customizable to an organization’s workflow, it’s able to determine the following information in near real time:

  • Phone line validation
  • Recent activity (SIM swap/porting/forwarding)
  • Risk Score
  • Negative reputation of linked LexID® Digital, including velocity and frequency checks
  • Presence on other contributory blacklists
  • Name and address matching of a phone number (limited coverage by country)

Phone Intelligence: Digital Insights

Phone Intelligence reputation cloud



  • Validity of phone number
  • Recent activity (sim swap/porting)
  • Network information
  • Negative reputation of linked Digital ID
  • Presence on other contributory blacklists
Phone Intelligence online activity cloud  

Online Activity

  • Length of presence in the Digital Identity Network
  • Transaction’s profile and behavior
  • Velocity and frequency checks
  • Trusted/untrusted relationships

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