Truly understanding an identity is a science

Our sophisticated algorithms find and connect different pieces of customer information to form the clearest, most up to date picture of a dynamic life.

Statistical Entity Linking

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Without this, you wouldn’t know John Smith from John Smith.

There are more than 25,000 of them out there. Which one is the right one? That’s where LexisNexis Statistical Entity Linking comes in. A custom machine learning algorithm encoded in our scalable automated linking technology looks for intersecting, relevant data points. It finds a match, and assigns our own unique identifier, LexID®. This patented linking and clustering method makes it possible to resolve, connect and manage information for more than 279 million U.S. consumer identities. It's the “magic” behind the complete range of LexisNexis authentication, verification and identity management solutions.

What makes LexID unique is that it is not derived from personally identifiable information, like a social security number. It sees linkages you couldn’t possibly detect quickly. Identity profiles are continuously updated to ingest new records. 

This entire dynamic process delivers a highly accurate picture that helps you:

Uncover suspicious entities or transactions
Quickly identify irregular data points or outliers
Discover collusion or undisclosed relationships
Eliminate false positives
Protect your customers' personally identifiable information
Create a comprehensive view of an individual

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