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Customer and Vendor Risk Assessment

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Assess customer and supplier risks—without slowing business.

Customer risk assessment and supplier risk assessment are challenging. If you don’t truly know your customers and partners, the costs can be high. Regulations require you to conduct due diligence that may be shaped by geography, context or both. Failure to maintain compliance protocols can lead to enforcement actions.

Increasingly, organizations are facing financial and legal ramifications as well as reputational damage because they didn’t adequately connect the dots and fill the information gaps. Let us help you to prevent this from happening.

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Customer Risk Assessment 

When it comes to assessing customer relationship risk, organizations tend to either under-comply or over-spend. We can right-size your strategy and address your biggest challenges. Quickly identify customers requiring heightened scrutiny, pinpoint those that should be a higher BSA/AML risk rating and monitor for relevant changes warranting enhanced due diligence levels and customer risk rating updates. 

Supplier Risk Assessment 

The scope and complexity of supplier risk assessment is tough— but resources and time are in short supply. We can help, with solutions that give you more reliable business intelligence on third party risk, better efficiency in managing these relationships and help you do your part to fight corruption.

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