Adam Pichon

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Adam Pichon

Senior Vice President, Global Analytics, Insurance

Adam Pichon serves as senior vice president of global analytics, insurance, for LexisNexis Risk Soluions. In this role, he is responsible for leading the organization’s data science experts, developing and delivering predictive models and scores and demonstrating results for insurance customers via analytics insights.

Adam has been with LexisNexis Risk Solutions since 2014, and previously he led the U.S. Auto and Claims businesses, where he developed strategic alliances, and drove the creation of new products, from concept generation to introduction to the market. He also led the credit and analytics product teams, which deliver a variety of analytic products for multiple U.S. lines of business, such as National Credit File, Attract, the LexisNexis InsurQuote solutions, and LexisNexis Risk Classifier. 

His insurance industry experience includes product management and predictive modeling roles at auto insurance carriers, as well as work on the vendor side developing and managing new solutions for the property and casualty insurance market. 

Adam has a master’s degree in Economics, with an econometrics focus, and a bachelor’s degree in commodities marketing from the University of Illinois.