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The Health Care Business of LexisNexis Risk Solutions Improves the Precision of Deidentified Data Exchange Across Healthcare with the LexisNexis® Patient Centric Token

Industry leading identity matching and zero-trust patient data tokenization enables the healthcare ecosystem to advance clinical decisions utilizing best in class, cloud-based, technology.


ATLANTA — The Health Care business of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the leading provider of healthcare identity resolution and insights, today announced it delivered the capability for the LexisNexis® Patient Centric Token. This first of its kind, patent pending, token provides advanced data de-identification technology at the patient level with unmatched precision. Utilizing the industry’s largest, most accurate and comprehensive patient referential database, along with unmatched identity resolution capabilities, LexisNexis has built a token offering that is purpose built to solve for Real- World Data and other like clinical use cases which demand a better-quality patient match capability. 

There are more than five billion permutations of 285 million U.S. adult identities due to address and name changes during a person's lifetime.  Current methods of relating de-identified data do not work when a person’s name or address changes, so their data remains fragmented.  The Patient Centric Token solves for this complexity with an evolutionary technology that leaps all market-available solutions.  Utilizing decades of experience aggregating, normalizing, and linking billions of records across thousands of data sources, LexisNexis Risk Solutions can precisely link patient records that contain variations in the personally identifiable information (PII) presented at the point of de-identification.

This patient centric capability provides the healthcare industry with an ability to join de-identified patient records that would otherwise go unmatched, thus providing consumers of this data with a more comprehensive and complete view of an individual, while maintaining strict compliance with security and non-reidentification requirements.  Unlike other tokens, which were built for marketing use cases, this complete view is critical for decision makers and researchers involved in clinical settings or for those who otherwise demand longitudinality and completeness for more effective data-driven outcomes.

“The launch of the LexisNexis Patient Centric Token represents a watershed moment for healthcare.  It solves the challenge of maintaining strict data privacy and security, while enabling researchers and other healthcare stakeholders to safely combine disparate data sets to accelerate more effective clinical research and patient care,” said Jeff Diamond, President, Health Care business of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “It is an exciting next step in our continued evolution to use data for good toward our mission of helping the U.S. healthcare system operate better and create healthier communities.”

The Patient Centric Token is a cloud-based, highly scalable solution and is built to support a zero-trust, secure data exchange. Healthcare organizations and data suppliers can connect data sets at the patient level – without revealing identities– and harness the full power and benefits of applying real world data (RWD) to improve healthcare. All PII/PHI remains in the originators’ environment allowing stakeholders to avoid creating multiple custom data integrations or managing multiple tokens which is the current industry standard. 

“It is difficult enough to get access to longitudinal data for precision analytics without obscuring the resulting research with a ‘dumb’ or inaccurate token capability. Unlike those solutions, our Patient Centric Token puts the patient, their episodes of care, and their continuum of care front and center, which is key to precision medicine and more targeted and effective clinical research,” said Jay Sultan, Vice President, Strategy, Health Care business of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. 

The healthcare industry today collects and stores incredible amounts of data throughout the system, yet very little of that data can be shared due to HIPAA or other data privacy regulations.  Added Jay Sultan - “The Patient Centric Token maintains compliance with those restrictions while also liberating that data to be used for its intended purpose – to deliver better, more effective, patient-centric care.”

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