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LexisNexis Risk Solutions creates a more precise, longitudinal view of patient health using patent-pending token and de-identified medical claims

Comprehensive patient journey solution advances health outcomes research and uncovers unmet patient needs


ATLANTA — LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, a leading provider of healthcare data analytics and technology, announced today the launch of  LexisNexis® MarketView™ Patient Journey Intelligence, an innovative real-world data solution that uses patent-pending referential tokenization technology to create a more accurate, longitudinal view of patient health to advance health economics and outcomes research and reveal unmet patient needs.

“MarketView Patient Journey Intelligence allows us to see a more accurate picture of how patients move through the continuum of care,” said Jeff Diamond, president and general manager of the Health Care business of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “By analyzing a more holistic view of a patient’s healthcare journey including procedures, providers, comorbidities, readmissions, and more, researchers can build customized cohorts and evaluate specific health outcomes and explore new treatment options to enable better health for patients.”

Comprised of one of the largest multi-sourced, de-identified medical claims datasets in the United States including data from Medicare, Medicaid and all major commercial payers, MarketView Patient Journey Intelligence is powered by the LexisNexis® Gravitas™ Token, a next-generation, HIPAA-compliant token that securely links de-identified datasets with increased accuracy. While other tokens link data using probabilistic matching, the Gravitas Token leverages a referential data layer to help ensure a patient’s records are precisely matched and linked over time. This enables MarketView Patient Journey Intelligence to link de-identified claims even as people move to new addresses, switch providers, change their name, change insurance companies etc., all while maintaining strict data privacy standards.

With MarketView Patient Journey Intelligence, researchers can look at any combination of diagnoses, procedure codes, providers, or patient geography to create a cohort that is unique to their research needs. By combining a robust set of de-identified medical claims with precise tokenization technology, MarketView Patient Journey Intelligence creates a more complete picture of a patient’s overall healthcare experience by reducing the potential of missing healthcare encounters that could be relevant to researching and advancing patient care. With access to longitudinal data that is de-identified at the patient level, organizations can securely evaluate the effectiveness of different treatments and care pathways, identify healthcare practitioners with unique diagnosing habits, and research critical unmet market needs based on a specific patient population.

“Historically, creating a longitudinal view of a patient cohort often times required multiple requests to various data partners, creating inefficient and costly roadblocks to advanced and expedited research and development,” said Diamond. “MarketView Patient Journey Intelligence eliminates that burden by providing access to a single, more comprehensive dataset built specifically for an organization’s unique objectives.”

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