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Financial Services, Corporations and Non-Profits | Credit Risk, Fraud, Compliance
Ben Cutler

Vice President, Business Risk and Specialty Markets

Ben Cutler is an established thought leader in assessing and preventing the risks posed by small businesses across credit, fraud, AML, supplier risk and account management use cases. Mr. Cutler's work bridges the information gap on small businesses. He leads an innovative strategic approach that includes bleeding-edge technology, aggressive data aggregation, and analytics R&D to solve this problem. As a result of his efforts, banks, corporates, and other entities can now confidently predict, price and align products to small businesses and commercial entities. This includes the recent introduction and launch of credit risk assessment products that enable banks to expand their commercial and small business addressable markets in never-before-imagined ways.

In addition, Mr. Cutler plays a key role leading LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ international expansion and lead establishing LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ partnership with top Brazilian financial institutions to develop a modernized credit bureau in Brazil. He joined LexisNexis Risk Solutions in 2001.

Topics of Interest

Mr. Cutler believes that small businesses are an important and often overlooked part of our economy. Given the size of the small business market and the tendency of small businesses to remain loyal customers, lenders should be actively seeking new ways to make informed decisions about lending to them. This is a particular challenge to bankable small business that are less than three to four years old. Alternative data can open the way for lenders to better understand a small business’s likelihood of repaying a loan, with the eventual goal that good credit decisions on small businesses will bring about greater financial inclusion and transparency. Mr. Cutler contributes to national and industry news outlets and can offer commentary on:

  1. How banks can expand their markets, and lend more to small businesses without adding risk
  2. How banks can more effectively stay abreast of KYC regulations, in particular identifying and linking a small business to its owner, through the use of alternative data sets
  3. What alternative data consists of, and how it can be used to trace a small business’s “footprint” as well as its “heartbeat”
  4. The need for financial inclusion of small businesses, and what this contributes to the economy
  5. The remarkable statistics on small businesses, including the number of bankable thin- and no-file businesses that are summarily refused credit

Additional Biographical Information

Mr. Cutler joined LexisNexis Risk Solutions in 2001. After four years at the company, first as an International market and competitive analyst intern and then as a strategic planning manager, Mr. Cutler assumed the role of director of strategy for LexisNexis Risk Solutions in 2005. In 2010 he became senior director, segment lead, strategic growth. Prior to his career at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Mr. Cutler held a market analysis fellowship at the Department of Energy.

He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Brigham Young University. He has specialized financial services training, including Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Certificates from American Bankers Association Bankcard School, Regulatory Compliance School and Commercial Lending School.

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