LexisNexis ® Telematics - Global Telematics Platform

One of the most powerful big data and analytics platforms in the world.


Execute and Grow Telematics Insurance with Confidence
Our Global Telematics Platform is our supercomputing engine room and technology stack on which all our market facing products and services are built. Pre-scaled, multi-tenant big data processing and enterprise-ready technology stack, our platform is owned, designed and operated exclusively by LexisNexis. 

Gain Insight from Multiple Data Sources
Connect to and normalize data from many telematics data sources, enabling you to apply the same score and UBI program across many different types of data collection devices and methods.

Simplify with Single-point Access to an End-to-end Platform
Leverage your existing integrations with LexisNexis to incorporate UBI data into your processes and workflows with minimal IT work effort.


Securely Execute
Benefit from the combination of telematics and insurance experience. LexisNexis has over 10 years of experience globally helping insurers implement and manage successful telematics programs and decades of insurance-specific data analytics experience. 

Powerful Performance
Ingests and processes driving data from virtually any source or any device. Filters, normalizes and contextualizes driver data for 360-degree of driver risk. Enables Big Data analytics and risk prediction with superior data processing, performance, agility and scale. 

Expand Your Opportunities
Take advantage of LexisNexis telematics expertise and experience to add new capabilities to your business. 

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