LexisNexis® Telematics—Smartphone Application Development

Harness the Power of Smartphone Telematics to Deliver Driver Insight and Education

Use the power of smartphone applications to engage with consumers.

Attract, retain and educate customers and provide individual risk scores.


Create More Opportunities
Configurable telematics deployments help you expand your customer base.

Develop the Mass Market
Attract new customers by providing drivers with personalised scores and incentives.

Take Advantage of Our Experience
Application development expertise gained across multiple device types and deployment scenarios


Transform Consumer Engagement
Help drivers understand and reduce their risk through application-based driver behavior insurance programmes.

Reach New Consumer Segments
Bring the benefits of insurance-based telematics to a larger customer base through low-cost, telematic white-label and highly configurable telematics deployments.

Lower Loss Ratios
Take advantage of new technology and step-changes in accuracy to confidently predict risk better and lower loss ratios.

Resources for Smartphone Telematics Application Design

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